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Broadband Providers NZ

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There are hundreds of broadband providers and over a thousand broadband plans available in New Zealand. Here at Broadband Compare, we understand that the process of researching broadband providers and comparing the thousands of plans available in NZ can be time-consuming, difficult and confusing.

At Broadband Compare we believe that everyone should have access to a fair, informative and helpful tool when they choose a new broadband plan. Our comparison tools can help you compare broadband plans and broadband providers so you can make the right decision for you. Simply enter your address, to receive a tailored list of broadband plans available where you live. You can order plans by rating, price, or review and compare price per month or price per year. Filter results by exclusive deals, unlimited plans, contract types, plans with free routers and more.

Below, you will find more information about the top broadband providers that we compare.

Key internet providers NZ:

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My Republic were the first customer-built Ultra-Fast broadband Service Provider in the Asia Pacific region and in New Zealand. They are all about providing ultra-fast internet services to Kiwis.

MyRepublic were awarded the Consumer New Zealand People’s Choice for 2018 for internet service providers. Their great record with consumer is just one reason that MyRepublic are a great choice when it comes to broadband. All their plan are unlimited, so you don’t need to worry about data caps ever again!

If you’re after speed –check out MyRepublic’s Fibre Pro, ultra-fast Gamer plans, or VDSL if fibre isn’t available in your area. MyRepublic plan have unlimited data with the choice of a 12 month contract or a no term month-to-month contract.

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Slingshot Broadband offer ultrafast Fibre and Naked Broadband Plans across New Zealand. As the winner of the Broadband Compare People’s Choice Award in 2018, Slingshot of are firm favourite amongst Broadband Compare Customers.

Slingshot know that one size doesn’t fit all – so they offer customers a broad range of Slingshot Broadband plans to choose from. Choose the plan that suits you, whether it’s data, speed, having a landline, or bundling with power or a mobile.

Slingshot Naked broadband doesn’t require a home telephone line, or you can choose a Slingshot broadband plan that includes a home phone line. Slingshot offer their customers a broad range of broadband packages with variable speeds and different data limits. Choose from Slingshot Fibre, Slingshot VDSL and Slingshot ADSL, depending are what’s available at your address.

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2degrees is one of New Zealand’s largest broadband and mobile providers. Since their establishment in New Zealand in 2009, 2degrees have developed a brand new mobile network that covers 97% of the places Kiwis live and work. They have also become New Zealand’s fourth largest broadband provider in New Zealand.

There are plenty of reasons to consider 2degrees as your broadband provider. 2degrees offer free standard install, free modem rental, savings if you bundle your broadband and mobile plan, New Zealand based customer care, and the best fibre connection available.

Compare Plans See 2degrees Reviews

Contact Energy

Although a power company may not be the first thing you think of when choosing a broadband provider - Contact Energy is one of New Zealand’s leading providers of electricity, natural gas, broadband, solar and renewable energy. Contact Energy offer exclusive deals and discounts when you bundle your broadband, phone and power with them.

Contact Energy can help make your life simpler by combining your energy, broadband and phone services onto one account and one bill. Contact Energy broadband services are open contract with no fixed term, plus you’ll receive a free, easy to set up, dual band modem.

You can open a Contact broadband plan with Contact Energy if you have your residential electricity account with them at the same address.

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Flip Broadband is one of a new breed of NZ broadband providers. Flip prioritise offering their customers cheaper, faster broadband.

Flip keep it simple for customers by providing only a few VDSL and ADSL broadband packages through the Chorus network. Flip say that their prices are typically lower than similar plans with other providers and their service is fast, consistently outperforming larger providers in terms of ADSL performance.

Flip offer no contract plans, so no need to tie yourself into a long-term contract. Choose unlimited plans, or a capped plan with carryover data. Flip’s Kiwi-based support centre is available via email, live-chat, Twitter or Facebook.

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Spark is one of New Zealand’s largest broadband providers. Spark offer fibre broadband, Wireless broadband, ADSL and VDSL plans. Choose to ditch the landline and go Naked or add a landline. When you sign up with Spark for broadband for a 12 month plan and standard connection, Spark will provide a free modem, plus added extras like an email account or McAfee PC security.

Spark recently launched Unplan – NZ’s first broadband plan that flexes with you. The plan give Spark customers the freedom to use more data on their plan, but also save when they use less.

Spark offer several perks to customers. Spark Customers get access to Spark Music – to get tickets before they go on sale and chances to win competitions. Some Spark broadband plans also include Netflix Standard Plans and Lightbox Standard Plans.

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Vodafone is one of the biggest providers in New Zealand. They offer a full range of different connection options including Fibre, VDSL and ADSL. Their additional option is FibreX. It is a hybrid fibre coaxial network that uses fibre cabling to the local area and coaxial cabling to the home.

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Compass is a Kiwi-owned, Kiwi-based broadband company – their customer service and engineers are based right here. Compass pride themselves on being big enough to make a difference, and small enough to care.

Compass say that they are committed to offering New Zealand’s best value broadband deals. They offer customers flexible payment options including weekly, fortnightly, monthly or prepaid. Compass offer no-term, 12 month or 24 month broadband contracts.

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Orcon love fibre, they’re been selling Ultra-Fast broadband plans longer than any other provider in New Zealand. Why? They love new technology and fast internet, and are committed to getting the best broadband for Kiwis.

Orcon offer gigabit residential plans, bringing a new level of broadband speeds to Kiwi consumers. If you can’t get fibre at your address yet, Orcon still have you covered with VDSL or ADSL plans. Choose ADSL, VDSL or Fibre plans with or without a homeline service, depending on what’s available at your address. All of Orcon’s internet plans offer unlimited data. Orcon offer discounts and savings when you bundle your mobile or power with them.

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Trustpower recognise that everyone is different, so they offer a range of broadband plans, from ADSL or VDSL to ultra-fast broadband.

Trustpower make life a little easier for their customers with their combined power and internet deals. Trustpower’s power and broadband packages are a convenient way to manage your home utilities, with a range of home internet connections to complement their electricity services.

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Unlimited naked broadband. Bigpipe just do broadband – fast, unlimited broadband internet in a variety of flavours starting with cheaper accessible ADSL plans, faster VDSL plans, all the way up to ultra-fast fibre broadband plans. All of Bigpipe’s plans include unlimited data, easy sign-up and expert online support.

Whatever level of user you are, Bigpipe have a plan to suit you. From Bigpipe’s fast ADSL broadband plans, Bigpipe’s ‘turbo’ VDSL broadband plans, or a range of Ultra-fast fibre broadband up to their Elite super-speed fibre plans.

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Stuff Fibre

Stuff Fibre focus on doing one this really well – Fibre. And they are changing the way Kiwis experience fibre broadband. Stuff Fibre say that they are giving control back to their customers from day one with a simple offer: no contract tie-in, local service and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Stuff Fibre focus on giving their customers the best gaming, viewing and browsing experience. Stuff Fibre also comes with Pix - each month you’ll receive a movie credit to redeem for the latest blockbuster movies.

Stuff have been awarded Best Fibre Broadband Provider at the Broadband Compare TUANZ Awards two years in a row. So, if you are looking for fast, reliable, unlimited broadband with customer service you can rely on, Stuff Fibre are a great choice.

Compare Plans See Stuff Fibre Reviews


Voyager are one of New Zealand’s fastest growing tech companies. They pride themselves on treating their customers as individuals, while delivering excellent customer service and internet at supersonic speed.

Voyage provide fast and reliable internet to homes across New Zealand. They keep their plans simple, offering unchained ADSL/VDSL and Fibre plans. Their unchained plans offer unlimited data, no fixed term contract and free setup.

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NOW pride themselves on being a small telco that punches way above its weight. They prioritise a simple, single-minded focus, delivering their customers the service they deserve.

NOW started out in 2002 as a small rural wireless internet provider in the Hawke’s Bay. Now word has spread and they are providing broadband services to Kiwi families and businesses across New Zealand. They offer capped or unlimited ADSL, VDSL and Fibre broadband packages. Their Epic unlimited package includes premium fibre speed, in-home tech support (in selected regions), broadband & home tech phone support, and more!

NOW are were recognized as the winners of the Best Customer Support at the 2018 Broadband Compare TUANZ Awards, and finalists for Best Fibre Provider. NOW are committed to locally-based customer services, with the main call centre in the Hawke’s Bay, and regional support offices in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga and Rotorua. NOW also offer home help, with their Home Tech Assist team visiting customers home and offices to help.

They don’t aspire to be NZ’s biggest telco, they want to be the most loved.

Compare Plans See NOW Reviews

Wireless Nation

Wireless Nation is an innovative internet service provider (ISP) who provides fast broadband access anywhere in New Zealand. Wireless Nation was founded in 2005, with a focus on providing services to New Zealand’s rural sector.

Wireless National focus on providing broadband access anywhere, whether you live in the Chatham Islands or an apartment in Auckland’s CBD. Wireless Nation offer fast, reliable urban, rural and business broadband solutions.

They specialise in providing bespoke solution to help overcome hurdles that may prevent connectivity, such as remoteness, needing internet access over a large area, or line of sight issues.

Wireless Nation can help provide home broadband, broadband for Auckland CBD apartments, rural Broadband packages, RBI Wireless services, broadband to the Chatham Island, Satellite broadband services and much more.

Compare Plans See Wireless Nation Reviews


Farmside is a leading New Zealand rural broadband provider. Whether you live in a rural or urban area, Farmside Wireless Broadband have broadband services to suit your needs.

Farmside’s broadband solutions cover the nation including extremely remote or hard to reach places, including broadband plans for Motorhomes, Broadband plans for the Chatham Islands, and broadband plans in Haast. Their services include ADSL and VDSL broadband, RBI Wireless Broadband, Fibre Broadband, Satellite Broadband, homeline and mobile plans.

Farmside are invested and committed to rural connectivity and technology and technology. They say they partner with other organisation to provide more stability and less downtime for their customers.

Compare Plans See Farmside Reviews

Nova Energy

Nova Energy is a New Zealand based power, broadband and gas company with award-winning customer service. Nova offer unlimited ADSL, VDSL and fibre broadband packages, plus unlimited broadband and phone packages. Plus they are based in New Zealand so you can talk to a local person when you need support.

Get your electricity, natural gas, broadband or landline home phone all on one bill from Nova Energy. Nova aim to be straightforward and easy to deal with so you can make your life easier by combining your home utilities with them.

Nova say that they offer great value products for electricity, natural gas, broadband and home phones, a 15% prompt payment discount, monthly meter readings, and award-winning Kiwi service. Nova’s electricity is generated from a mix of energy types including renewables.

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Get Unlimited Broadband from $50/m
Plus, a free modem rental
When you join a 12 month Plan and bundle Pay Monthly
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WINTER SAVINGS ALERT! Enjoy the season with 3 MONTHS of FREE Broadband! Sign up for any Zeronet plan on a 12-month contract and start your winter with great savings.
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