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Farmside is a New Zealand broadband provider delivering fast and reliable internet throughout New Zealand including extremely remote and hard to reach places. Farmside’s broadband solutions include Wireless, Satellite, VDSL and ADSL. They also offer a selection of phoneline services including Landline, Wireless Phone, Farmside Voice (VoIP) and Mobile plans. 

While most urban New Zealander's can access broadband through fixed homelines, a high percentage of those who live and work beyond city boundaries experience difficulties with broadband access and performance due to the physical limitations of their local copper infrastructure. Farmside has overcome these barriers by developing a reliable rural broadband network that spans the entire country, offering broadband access to all rural and provincial dwellers, regardless of distance from an urban centre, isolated location or challenging topography.

Farmside’s Optus Satellite broadband services are not affected by terrestrial limitations. Farmside have thousands of farmers and other rural dwellers already connected.

Farmside has partnerships with rural co-operatives and suppliers such as Farmlands, Farm Source, PGG Wrightson and Ruralco. This allows customers the choice to either charge their Farmside service on their supply account or pay directly to Farmside. 

With over 15 years experience in rural telecommunications, a team of over 50 Timaru based staff and a network of installers throughout the country, Farmside is a well-established brand in rural and provincial New Zealand.

Have questions? Call now: 0800 706 024

Total: 6.1
Reliability 7.1
Speed 6.0
Support 6.0
Features 6.1
Value 5.2
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2020-05-08 13:18:01
Bill Davies 9.0
I am reluctantly leaving Farmside after about twenty years. They have been a great company to work with. I am only leaving because they can't connect me to fibre in our area.
Great Help Line . Wonderful staff who can relate to your problem and get it sorted quickly.
No Cons! Highly recomend their service.
2018-11-17 07:48:54
John 4.0
I was really unhappy with Farmside when we believed we were charged unfairly. I have never pursued a company so much, and they were rigid in saying no (though the reasons given changed).
It was satellite broadband. Generally it went as well as I'd expected.
The 20GB monthly limit was tight, and on one occasion we breached it significantly without receiving notifications warning us from Farmside, and having difficulty logging into their website because they had changed it. They were utterly unwilling to concede any error on their part and insisted on us paying the complete sum, even though Consumer agreed they were being unreasonable. ...read more
2018-07-15 02:50:15
George smith 1.0
Do not go with farmside as the speed is horrible for the amount of money you pay. My speed right now is 40kbps which is slower than dial up. Do not go with this horrible company.
Their are none
2018-06-14 02:37:22
Daniel 4.0
Their billing system makes no sense. During my 5 months with them they double deducted a direct credit, sent me incorrect and misleading invoices and were very difficult to deal with on the phone (missleading and differing answers from multiple staff)
May be the only affordable internet in rural locations. Their modem without antenna is much cheaper then vodafone
Their billing and finance system makes no sense and often has errors that lead to incorrect invoices or duplicate charges. This is very time consuming to resolve.
2017-10-09 23:50:43
Eden Chapman 5.0
Farmside have you over a barrel and they know it. The system they use to inform you that you are reaching your data cap is designed to cause you to overuse and the charges are astronomical. Trouble is if you need 4G wireless internet you're choices are pretty limited.
Speed was reasonably consistent.
Set up and installation was a breeze
Overuse charges are eye watering.
As with all 4G it's expensive.
Effected by weather badly
Showing 1-5 of 10 items.
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