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Did you know that Broadband Compare is just ONE of a number of sites owned and operated out of New Zealand by NZ Compare.  This suite of comparison websites has been created to help you make a fully informed choice when you are making key financial purchase decisions.

Power Compare – Compare NZ power prices and plans.

You can compare power companies with Power Compare – there are over 40 different NZ power companies and at Power Compare we help you compare all different power plans and process.  Whether you are a low user in a one bed apartment or a standard user in a six bedroom farm there are some big savings to be had by switching your power provider.  At Power Compare we help you compare power companies and save money on what is normally one of the biggest expenses in the household budget, your home energy bill.

Not keen on working out the complexities of which power company is the best?  Have us do the hard work for you with our Bill Challenge. Simply upload a copy of your most recent bill and we will compare deals, rates and offers and come back to you with the biggest savings to make switching easy.

Compare Power Plans


Money Compare – Compare Insurance, compare home loans, compare KiwiSaver and more

Our Money Compare website helps you compare all manner of financial products and services.  The financial products and services you can compare include;

Compare Home Loans – find the best mortgage rate, either fixed term home loans or the best floating rate.  If you are unsure what is the best mortgage for your needs then contact one of our financial advice team who will help you with a mortgage help check or to buy your first home. Compare home loans

Compare Car Insurance – we feature and compare car insurance providers in New Zealand to help you compare car insurance providers and find the best insurance provider for your needs.  From big, long time established providers like AMI and State through to smaller challenger brands like Cove insurance there are a wide range of different car insurance providers to consider when you compare car insurance providers in New Zealand. Compare car insurance now.

Compare Contents Insurance – not all contents insurance policies are the same.  Money Compare allows you to compare home contents insurance plans and features.  The site allows you to compare contents insurance providers in New Zealand to help you find the best contents insurance provider for your needs.  There are a wide array of choices. The long time established providers like AMI and State offer some great features in their contents insurance plans  but some of the smaller challenger brands may be cheaper when you consider what you need in contents insurance provider. Compare contents insurance now.

Compare Health Insurance – when you compare health insurance prices and plans there are lots of things to consider. Picking the right health insurance is all about making sure it fits with your needs.  This could range from everyday cover for things like dental, GP consultations, prescription glasses to more expensive and extensive cover that includes hospital cover for cancer, surgery, specialist consultations and more.  If you’re not sure what is right for you then leave your details for a free Health Insurance check up and ensure you have the right cover for your situation. Compare Health Insurance plans.

Compare Life Insurance – when you want to compare life insurance quotes from the top insurers to get the best deal, our Money Compare tool has everything you need to know, with policies from $8/week and a free Life Insurance Healthcheck we’ll help to ensure you have the right cover for your situation. Compare life insurance plans now.

Compare Personal Loans – Whether you are looking for a secured loan or an unsecured loan there are a huge number of different lenders in New Zealand that are looking to lend money.  At Money Compare we can help you to compare personal loan rates and find the lowest loan interest rate for your borrowing. Compare loans now and borrow for less.

Compare Credit Cards – Credit cards aren’t the best way of borrowing but used correctly they can help you generate great savings, manage cashflow and accumulate rewards. So if you are looking for a new credit card then the Money Compare website can help you find the best credit cards for Balance Transfer, Rewards, Cashback, Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars, Low Interest rates and more.  Compare Credit Cards now at Money Compare.

Compare Financial Products


Opinion Compare – Get paid for online surveys – your opinion matters.

Opinion Compare is our online research division and it helps companies make a fully informed choice on which products and services they should introduce to the market. They make these decisions by asking Kiwis like you for their opinion on a whole range of different things from types of packaging to political leanings.  Opinion Compare research has featured prominently in the news for a wide range of subjects and we now have over 10,000 Kiwis regularly giving their opinions.  Join Opinion Compare today and get paid for your opinions.

Compare your opinion


NZ Compare - New Zealand's favourite comparison website

If you would like to know more about NZ Compare, where we have come from and our mission to help Kiwis make a fully informed choice then visit our site here and learn more.  If you just want to know what is best for you in either Broadband, Power, Home Loans or Insurance than visit one of our sites and see how much you can save today.

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