Early Termination Fees

Early Termination Fees (ETF) or broadband contract cancellation fees are a very common element of New Zealand broadband contract terms.  

Here at Broadband Compare we have recently upgraded our comparison table to include broadband early termination fee information to help you to make a more informed choice on the best broadband plan for your needs and whether you should be looking for a no contract broadband option with no early termination fees or if you should be considering a contract broadband plan which often has many benefits including price and free router or a free gift or incentive of some description.

So, if you are looking for early termination fee information for your NZ broadband provider, then you’re in a right place.  Here at Broadband Compare we collect all the cost data about early termination fees and early cancellation fees.  We update early termination fees for New Zealand broadband providers on a regular basis and if you can’t find an early termination fee of a specific provider then stay calm and get in touch… we are happy to do the research to find them all and we’ll continuously update our broadband plan database to try and keep all of the early termination fee data completely up-to-date.

Early termination fees change all the time and your contract terms may relate to a date before the information that we now list so do consider that.  You can also easily sign up to the Broadband Compare email alert newsletter by clicking here and we’ll be sure to send the very latest broadband news, deals and offers straight to your inbox so that if you do have an early termination fee to pay, as and when you come out of contract or the savings equal out the fee you can jump on the Boradband Compare site and pick up one of the great broadband deals that are available on Broadband Compare.

So we hope that our list of Early Termination Fees gives you the information you require and once again, make sure that you understand that the early termination fee (ETF or early cancellation fee) can be different for different plans with the same provider as terms may change during the period of a contract.  If you find an early termination fee listed on the site that is incorrect, please get in touch and we’ll check and update.

Finally… if you have completed the minimum term of your contract and your contract with your current provider is already expired, then you shouldn’t worry about the early termination fee stated as it won’t apply.  The early termination fee is only applicable in situations when you’re trying to get out of your contract before it ends, hence the term EARLY termination fee. 

Early termination fees are one-off payments that apply when you want to end a long-term contract. For non-contract options the early termination fee is not applicable but you may be required to return a router or modem.

Check out the full list of New Zealand broadband provider’s early termination fees on each Broadband provider’s profile page and listing.

Some of the most common providers in NZ are listed here:

...or you can find all the other ISP's by checking their individual listing here.


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