COVID-19 Broadband Providers support for customers in lockdown

Learning about broadband providers support during COVID-19
Tuesday, March 24, 2020

As New Zealand moves to Stage 4 and we move to lockdown to combat COVID-19, NZ broadband providers are moving swiftly to keep us all connected. Here is an outline of the measures major broadband providers have announced to keep us connected.

The information below was correct at the time of publication, and we will update it as new information becomes available. We have included information links to Broadband Provider websites to help you find the latest info for your Broadband Provider.

Most broadband providers already appear to have moved their customer support teams to home working as recommended by the government. This means customer support remains available as needed, however call response times may be slower than normal. Therefore, if your issue isn’t urgent please use online chat or online support options first.

Chorus announce plans to maintain essential broadband infrastructure during lockdown

Chorus have announced their plans to help keep Kiwis connected during the lockdown we’re moving to as a result of the Government’s increase of the Covid-19 alert to level 4 by Wednesday 25 March.

With internet access deemed an essential service, connections on and maintenance of the Chorus broadband network that is relied on by over 80 New Zealand retail service providers will continue throughout the shutdown period, but with priorities given to certain situations.

Chorus will continue with fibre connections and upgrades in locations that already have a fixed line broadband connection, but only if field resources are available. Chorus have put controls in place for any visits to any home or business by Chorus technicians

Chorus reassurances over network capacity: Chorus say that the capacity of Chorus broadband infrastructure is robust and while daytime data consumption on their network continues to grow, it is still much lower than the usual 9pm busy internet hour. Significant capacity is also available above and beyond the peak throughput ever recorded on our network.

Learn more here

Slingshot upgrade customer broadband plans during COVID-19

Slingshot COVID-19

Vocus owned Slingshot announced that customers on capped broadband plans will be upgraded to uncapped plans at no extra cost.  The move is for an open-ended amount of time and only applies to fixed-line broadband, not mobile.

Keep up-to-date on announcements from Slingshot about their service during COVID-19 here

Flip upgrade customer broadband plans during COVID-19

Flip broadband COVID-19 response

Vocus owned Flip announced that customers on capped broadband plans will be upgraded to uncapped plans at no extra cost.  The move is for an open-ended amount of time and only applies to fixed-line broadband, not mobile. 

Orcon Unlimited Broadband plans during COVID-19

Orcon COVID-19 response

Vocus owned Orcon plans are already unlimited, so Orcon customers are unaffected by data caps. Orcon’s call centre already working from home, so they are available to contact by phone or online if needed.

Keep up-to-date on announcements from Orcon regarding COVID-19 here

MyRepublic Unlimited Broadband plans during COVID-19

MyRepublic COVID-19 response

All MyRepublic Fibre and VDSL services come with unlimited data (includes download and upload traffic) as long as you abide by their Acceptable Use Policy to ensure everyone has fair access

Keep up-to-date on announcements from MyRepublic about their service during COVID-19 here

2degrees lift data caps for 2 months during COVID-19

 2degrees COVID-19 update

A spokesperson for 2degrees said that  said "96 per cent of 2degrees customers are already on unlimited broadband data plans, so they don't need to worry about using data."

He added, "We're making a change so that the small percentage on 80GB capped plans won't pay more than they would for an unlimited plan.

The difference between our 80GB capped 2degrees broadband plan and Unlimited is $10 a month.

"If a customer on a capped plans continues to use less than 80GB, they'll continue to pay $75 per month. But if they're using a lot more data, their bill won't go beyond $85 a month," the spokesman said. Contract mobile customers will get $10 off.

2degrees will review the situation in two months.

Keep up-to-date on announcements from 2degrees here

Vodafone removes data caps & disconnections for COVID-19 Care

Vodafone COVID-19 update

Vodafone NZ has announced a first wave of customer care actions as part of it’s ‘COVID-19 Care’. The Covid-19 Care Plan includes;

  • Broadband data certainty. The removal of data caps from data-capped Broadband plans for consumers and small to medium sized businesses until at least the end of June 2020
  • Mobile data certainty. Eligible Consumer Pay Monthly mobile customers with data-caps to be actively encouraged towards Endless Data plans (which also include endless texts and minutes to AU and NZ numbers)
  • No Covid-19 related disconnections or late fees. Temporary measures to protect customers in financial hardship from Covid-19 over at least the next six months.
  • Worry-free remote learning for all. Helping families by zero rating Government guided education and health sites to support responses to Covid-19.
  • Ensuring capacity. Vodafone NZ has added extra capacity to fixed, broadband and mobile networks to cope with the extra demand as more people work from home and we will actively monitor network performance.

Keep up-to-date on news from Vodafone about their service during COVID-19 here

Skinny Broadband Covid-19 response

Skinny COVID-19 update

Skinny Broadband realise that their customers may be using a lot more home broadband over the next little while. So to help their customers stay connected, they’re giving all Wireless 4G Broadband Plans an extra 60GB over the next two months (that's 120GB total).

The extra data will be applied to all Wireless 4G Broadband Plans between 23 March and 22 May 2020. It will automatically be applied to the account - once on 23 March and again on 23 April.

These measures will be introduced on Monday 23 March 2020 for an initial 60 day period, to ensure Skinny customers are not disconnected.

Keep up-to-date on news from Skinny about their service during COVID-19 here

Farmside support measures during Covid-19

Farmside broadband plans Corovirus

Farmside has announced the following measures to support their customers:

  1. For all our RBI customers, we are offering free unlimited overnight data from midnight to 9am until 30 June 2020
  2. If RBI customers need more data, we have significantly reduced our RBI booster pack to $20 for every 15GB booster pack until further notice
  3. For customers experiencing financial difficulty, they should reach out to us via to discuss what we can do for them
  4. We also have a list of data saving tips on our COVID-19 page here 

Keep up-to-date on news from Farmside about their service during COVID-19 here


Spark ditches broadband data caps for 60 days

Spark COVID-19 support

Spark has announced that it will scrap for consumers and small to medium-sized businesses for 60 days from Monday is response to coronavirus.

In their announcement Spark said that their intention was to ensure no-one was cut off and that customers could stay connect as more people work from home and businesses trial new ways of working.

Spark also announced that for the next 60 days they will waive late fees in case of hardship, and would not disconnect customers who fell behind on paying their bills.

Keep up-to-date on news from Spark about their service during COVID-19 here

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