A Great New Year's Resolution... Get better broadband

4 January
A Great New Year's Resolution... Get better broadband

Broadband in New Zealand is in a great place.  The potential of your home internet connection is likely to be the envy of most of the world if you are in one of the fully fibre broadband enabled towns and cities in New Zealand.

Fibre broadband will give you a much faster, more reliable broadband experience and there are now a number of different NZ fibre broadband providers offering UFB at the same cost as standard ADSL or VDSL broadband.  

So what should be your broadband resolution for 2017?  Well, we think that the answer is simple.  Be on the best broadband plan for your needs... and if you can get fibre then you NEED fibre!  

Can you get fibre broadband?

The first step to finding the best broadband plan for you?  Check what broadband connection type is available at your property address.  You can do that using the free to use broadband comparison tool on Broadband Compare.  Click here to check broadband type.

So what can you get?  If you can get Fibre Broadband that is great news and 2017 is the perfect time to switch to fibre and consider switching broadband provider.  Fibre broadband is the latest technology and is designed and built for busy homes with lots of internet devices and screens (laptops, smart TV, tablets, smart phones etc) and switching from standard broadband to fibre is like swapping your old leaky garden hose to a fully-fledged fire hose.  Ultrafast fibre broadband gives everyone enough data to meet their online needs all at the same time.

Benefits of Fibre Broadband

With the right type of fibre broadband connection you can watch high quality online TV in HD with no buffering, no blurring, glitches or stutters even if other people in the house are using the internet.

Got relatives or friends overseas or become a FaceTime addict?  Fibre broadband in New Zealand has great speeds and lets you make super-smooth video calls meaning you can spend more time chatting, laughing and smiling and less time asking if you can be seen or heard!

One of the biggest changes that you will experience with fibre is the upload speeds.  Significantly faster to send big files, videos or store files in the cloud.  Uploading with fibre broadband is just so much faster, in fact it is up to 10x faster than standard ADSL broadband when uploading.  So if upload speeds are important and you can get fibre then it is a no brainer.  A fibre broadband connection is perfect for storing and sharing your photos online. 

Online gamer?  Ultra fast fibre broadband gives you an almost unfair advantage to gamers on legacy broadband connections.  Not only is fibre broadband ultra-fast, it is also ultra steady and so your chance of experiencing a dropped connection or broadband connection lag at a crucial point in the game is minimised.

Music fan?  The world is your oyster!  Stream all the music you want with an unlimited fibre broadband connection.  With a fibre connection you can be streaming multiple music types in multiple rooms for multiple people and everyone gets to enjoy their tunes in top-quality audio all at the same time without any quality issues.

The final big advantage?  Well here in NZ it is all about work life balance and ultrafast fibre broadband lets you have the connection you need to help with home working.  With a UFB fibre plan you will have a great experience working from home.  Thanks to fibre's speed and capacity, it is easy to send and receive big files of data and the dreaded month end spread sheets, even if other people in the home are busy online.

Best Fibre Broadband Deals 2017

So what are you waiting for?  Click here and find the very best fibre broadband deals for the start of 2017.

Stuff Fibre - 3 months at 25% off and no contract

MyRepublic Fibre Broadband - 6 months of half price on a 24 month contract

Unlimited Internet - Fibre plans starting at only $60 a month

Orcon Fibre Broadband - 2 months free!

Slingshot Fibre Broadband - Free Chromecast and great prices

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