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Get the most out of your fibre broadband experience

Get the most out of your fibre broadband experience
Sunday, March 31, 2019

There are a range of factors that can affect your fibre broadband performance. Luckily some of these are easily solved by making changes to your home environment or your network connection.  Here are some common issues that affect your broadband performance, how to check for the issues, and how to fix them

If you believe that there is an issue with the network connection, we recommend contacting your internet service provider

Distance from your Wi-Fi modem

The distance between your modem and your devices can affect your Wi-Fi performance.

How to check

Connect to your Wi-Fi and conduct a speed test on your device from here you usually use it, then compare it to another speed test when your device is close to the Wi-Fi modem.

How to fix

Try moving your Wi-Fi router.  It is the simplest way to try to improve Wi-Fi coverage in your house. Just make sure it is in a central spot in your home and higher up to see how the signal changes.

You may wish to consider investing in a Wi-Fi extender or an additional Wi-Fi access point if you have persistent problems with Wi-Fi ‘dead spots’ where your Wi-Fi signal simply doesn’t reach. Google Wi-Fi is a great option if you live in a large multi-story home.

Outdated devices

Older devices, or having outdated software on your devices can impact on fibre broadband performance.

How to check

Check your Wi-Fi speed on the device that you would usually use at home. Source a newer device (preferable less than a year old) and use this to conduct a speed test over Wi-Fi to see if your performance improves.

How to Fix

Try optimising your device by running your updates and remove any unnecessary apps or software. If you still have performance issues you may need to consider investing in upgrading to a new device.

Outdated modem 

If you’re using your own Wi-Fi modem that was not provided by your internet service provider (ISP), it may be too old or not ideal for a fibre broadband service. 

How to check

Your internet service provider (ISP) may have specific hardware and security requirements for their services. Check with your ISP to ensure that you are using a compatible modem that can handle the speed of a fibre connection and strong enough security that meets their requirements.

How to fix

Use the Wi-Fi modem provided by your ISP, many providers offer broadband plans with free modem included. Or, purchase a new Wi-Fi modem that meets their requirements. 


Interference in your home Wi-Fi signal can be caused by a number of factors around your home including:

  • other transmitting devices in the area can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal, like neighbouring Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth devices, baby monitors, or cordless phones.  
  • Physical barriers like walls, large steel objects like refrigerators, water cylinders, and glass can interfere with your signal. 
  • Other electrical devices like appliances, halogen lights, or dimmer switches can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal

How to check

Check your Wi-Fi signal strength and conduct a speed test while other devices are on. Then try turning off devices that you think may be interfering with your connection and conduct a speed test again. If you suspect a physical barrier is an issue, try moving the modem router and conduct a speed test.

How to fix

Try to reduce the number of electrical devices in your home, especially anything near your Wi-Fi modem. Make sure unnecessary items are turned off when not in use. 


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