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Orcon knows its stuff when it comes to internet. The company was the first to unbundle the local loop, the first to launch a mass-market plug and play VoIP device, and the first to get Kiwis hooked up to ultra-fast broadband.

Orcon offer gigabit residential plans, bringing a new level of broadband speeds to Kiwi consumers, along with ADSL, VDSL and Fibre with or without homeline services dependant on what is available at your broadband region. All of Orcons internet plans offer unlimited data. 


** NOTE: The above information has been provided by the ISP or reproduced from their website ** 

Total: 5.6
Reliability 5.8
Speed 6.2
Support 5.1
Features 5.8
Value 5.4
Average from 125 reviews
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2019-01-30 11:29:50
Ivor 7.0
I asked for a price without a phone line several times to no avail.
Poor support.
2019-01-23 08:42:13
Mark Yeoh 8.6
Been using Orcon for over 9 years and been a great experience. Every time I think it's time to upgrade, Orcon offered a better than market deal. Only had a handful of issues over the years, most of which were not Orcon's fault and otheriwse dealt with by good customer support. Transition to Fibre was smooth.

Orcon doesn't offer the bells and whistles like others, but at least you pay straight for solid & reliable Internet. Currently getting as advertised 100mbps down & 20mbps up.
Fast & Reliable Internet (Auckland)
Very few problems.
Plan upgrade special deals for existing customers.
Good customer support
Competitive pricing.
Few features compared to others.
Provided average modem/router.
2019-01-03 14:25:05
Tim Vercoe 8.2
awesome speeds
awesome speeds
bad price 130$ month
2019-01-01 02:24:41
Anonymous 1.6
Pretty rubbish experience overall. Unreliable, and support staff will hang up on you most of the time. If they don't they'll insist on charging you to fault find, and blame you even when it's on their end.
An alright connection when it actually works. This happens for approximately 2hrs a day.
Useless the rest of the time, and in every possible way. If you complain, your connection mysteriously goes offline for 24hrs.
2018-12-28 19:32:31
Regan Lord 2.8
Read the terms and conditions! This is not a standard 12 month contract!
Ensure you have a set contract start and end date. Be prepared for the 30 day notice to cancel a set term contract.
Have the patience to deal with incompetent customer support.
Cheapest monthly rate, if they apply the discount correctly.
Speed is average.
Orcon customer service took 3.5 weeks to get a modem to us, and gave a mighty first bill. This took many persuasive emails to get them to break down the billing and show them they had billed us wrong.
This billing issue was completely forgotten at the end of the year and Orcon decided to make end of contract terms based on the incorrect first billing details.
Customer support will also avoid talking to you on the phone!
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Showing 21-25 of 134 items.
Introducing the Orcon Broadband designer modem series
Aug 1, 2016
Introducing the Orcon Broadband designer modem series
Something a little bit different from Orcon this month – the Orcon designer series is a collection of 5 limited edition modems created by five talented New Zealand artists to make the Orcon Broadband  modems a work of art.  
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