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macOS 10.14 has been announced. What is new?

- Next version named Mojave 
- There’s a new dark mode
- Desktop stacks - a quick way to organize all the icons on your desktop. It arranges all the icons on your desktop into stacks based on file type or other parameters.
- New finder improvements
- New quicklook improvements
- New Screenshot app improvements
- Continuity camera allows you to launch the camera app of your phone and automatically import that photo into the Mac app that you’re working in.
- The iOS News, Stocks, Home, Voice Memo apps are now also on Mac.
- Security and privacy - improved protection for camera/microphone/file system access 
- Safari - new security and privacy improvements reduces the ability for websites to track you.
- Mac App Store - redesigned mac app store app.
- CoreML 2: their on-device machine learning framework is now 30% faster with a 75% reduction in model size.
- Create ML: makes machine learning approachable for anyone. Use drag and drop editors like Xcode Playgrounds to train models. GPU accelerated.

Will iOS and MacOS get merged?

- Unfortunately, no. However, Apple showed a trimmed down version of UIKit and put it on MacOS so you can run iOS apps on Mac. It is still in test mode and not available until 2019. Presumably, you’d be able to tune your iOS apps so that they can also be run on MacOS.

Read about other Apple Software updates:

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Watch the full WWDC 2018 keynote at apple.com


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