Rural Broadband for the Rugby World Cup

Rural broadband for the Rugby World Cup
Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The countdown is on for the start of the Rugby World Cup, rural fans are being encouraged to sort out their internet connection before it’s too late.

The Broadcasting rights for this year’s Rugby World Cup in Japan is owned by Spark Sport, which means viewers will need to have a fast internet connection if they want to watch all 48 games live.

About 40,000, mostly rural, NZ homes do not have access to ultra-fast broadband (UFB), but may be able to use a wireless broadband provider to provide the coverage they need.

The good news for those without a Spark online account is that the All Blacks’ pool games, and their possible quarterfinal will be shown free on TVNZ with a one hour delay. And, semifinals and the final will be screened live. But, hard core rugby fans will be left wanting more when it comes to live coverage of all the matches.

You don’t need to be a Spark broadband customer to use Spark Sport. You can use any internet provider to watch live World Cup coverage online as long as you are signed up to Spark Sport.

If you live in a rural area and you want to watch the world cup online, it may be worth having a test run to make sure your internet it up to it.

The Wireless Internet Providers Association said that anyone with connection issues with their broadband should to sort it out now before it was too late.

Spokesman Ernie Newman said "Do a bit of test-driving, a bit of Netflix and YouTube stuff, and see what the quality is, particularly over peak times."

He said that generally wireless broadband providers were as well prepared as they could be for the expected huge spike in demand.

NZ Wireless Broadband Providers


Farmside deliver fast and reliable internet throughout New Zealand including extremely remote and hard to reach places. They offer a full range of connection types to suit homes in rural areas – including Wireless, Satellite, VDSL and ADSL.

Plus they are bringing free broadband to South Canterbury rugby fans - armside and the South Canterbury Rugby Union (SCRU) have teamed up in a deal that will see every club in the region receiving free broadband coverage.

Compare Farmside Wireless Plans

Spark Rural Broadband

Spark Wireless Broadband is a fast broadband service for residential customers in rural areas. Spark connect your home to the internet through Spark’s rural 4G network, offering a connection that should be better than ADSL broadband.

Compare Spark Wireless Plans

Vodafone Rural Broadband

Vodafone were a key partner in rolling out the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI), which makes them a great option if you are looking for a Rural Broadband Provider. Vodafone offer some great solutions for rural communities under the Rural Broadband Initiative.

Compare Vodafone Wireless Plans

Wireless Nation

Wireless Nation have been connecting urban and rural homes and businesses for more than 10 years using a mix of technology including RBI, fibre, custom wireless solutions and satellite.

Compare Wireless Nation Wireless Plans

Wiz Wireless

The Wiz Wireless network covers areas in the Wairarapa and parts of the Tararua Districts only. They provide high-quality broadband in hard to reach places that national operators may not cover because of low population density and challenging topography.

Compare Wiz Wireless Plans

Primo Wireless

Primo Wireless are truly local, they are 100% Taranaki owned and operated, and specialise in providing wireless broadband to remote Taranaki communities. Their ultrafast broadband is backed up by their own high speed rural wireless network across Taranaki.

Compare Primo Wireless Plans


Netspeed develop, maintain and market internet connection services for a range of small & medium sized businesses, farms and residential users. Netspeed pride themselves in being professional, cost-effective and easy to navigate.

Compare Netspeed Wireless Plans


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