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Can your address get Fibre broadband with Vodafone? Check fibre availability for free at Broadband Compare to find out if your property can get the fastest internet possible with fibre broadband connection.  Simply input your address and we will check the best broadband connection type at your property. You can then compare Fibre Broadband Deals to find the best fibre internet plan for you.

Thankfully, the majority of New Zealand towns and cities now have access to fibre broadband - so there is a high chance you can get it in your area. Thanks to the governmental program, Fibre Providers have managed to roll superfast connections out even to remote areas. Also, currently fibre installation is still free. Some apartment buildings and shared driveways do require work outside of a standard residential install and, in those cases, a contribution to the costs is required. If this is case at your property, we will have let you know.

Here's what you can expect from your new fibre connection:

  • More devices can share the connection and stream/ play online games and download at the same time
  • Faster upload and download speed for large photos, videos and other files
  • Better HD video streaming from online services such as Netflix, NEON or Amazon Prime

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Looking for a cheap Vodafone broadband plan?  Broadband Compare lets you compare the cheapest plans with everyone else to make sure you get the best fibre internet plan for your needs.


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Find the fastest fibre broadband plan in on Broadband Compare.  Compare fibre internet speeds in to find the fastest internet plan.  Then, compare all the Broadband plans to find the best fibre plan for you.


Vodafone Fibre Deals

With 10s of Vodafone fibre broadband plans listed on Broadband Compare, we have loads of fantastic fibre broadband deals from a number of Internet providers. Compare all the best fibre deals for free at Broadband Compare.


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