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Spark Broadband

Digital technology can make a significant, positive impact on our nation's social and economic wellbeing – enabling stronger, safer, more connected communities (even in the most remote rural areas), opening more opportunities for our children (regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds), and improving health outcomes for New Zealanders of all ages and walks of life.

It can enable Kiwi companies to compete - and win - on the world stage and become smarter, more agile businesses by harnessing all the benefits of new technologies such as Cloud services and the Internet of Things.

Spark's success is dependent on our customers in one key market: New Zealand. That's why we're passionate about using technology to be truly useful to our customers, helping make our country better and enriching the lives of all New Zealanders. We want to be the most valued brand in the home, and the most trusted partner for business. 

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Total: 5.4
Reliability 6.0
Speed 5.8
Support 5.0
Features 5.7
Value 4.4
Average from 257 reviews
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2019-12-05 21:22:26
Wayne 5.0
Spark fault reset of everything needed. Because I have my own high power modem they cannot help. The help desk is a chat bot....what a pain. I had to call a tech in to fix and reset...lots of time wasted and money spent. Sorry Spark I'm gone
Poor support no care attitude.
2019-11-08 21:51:42
Margaret Gravestock 7.0
I am currently on the Spark mobile broadband because when I enquired about fibre three years ago I was told that it wouldn't be available in Te Puke in the foreseeable future. Two months later the government announced the roll out that is now taking place.
Wifi broadband is certainly an improvement over the previous copper wire telephone/broadband system.
An occasional glitch or overload of the mobile spectrum.
2019-10-30 16:42:36
Ravi 6.0
Spark has fancy website and chat functions but to get a job done is a mission. it took 7 phone calls and 10 days to get my number ported to them. i had to email them twice for the free netflix and lightbox.
good automated process for ordering.
Competitors are nearly 40% cheaper. Value for money is a challenge
2019-09-13 17:47:33
Ian Db 5.6
Spark had no interest in being loyal to loyal customers.
I had been loyal to Spark / Telecom for more than 15yrs. They wouldn't give me as good a deal as a new customer would get.
So I left them!
Reliable service
2019-09-01 10:59:04
Ian Austin 4.6
Been with Spark since Telecom. The service has never been great, always average with average support for average products
Large company confidence
Never seems to achieve customer service satisfaction in any area
Showing 1-5 of 257 items.
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Jun 18, 2019
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Spark has announced that the Rugby World Cup 2019 Tournament Pass will be free for new or renewing customers on an eligible mobile or broadband plan. Broadband customers will need to commit to a 12 month unlimited broadband plan with Spark, so before you hit the ‘sign up’ button….
Spark New Zealand receive warning from Commerce Commission
May 23, 2019
Commerce Commission warn Spark over price rise messaging – were you affected?
The Commerce Commission has warned Spark for likely breaching the law when it notified customers of a broadband price rise last year. We you one of the customers effected?
How to watch the Rugby World Cup 2019
May 9, 2019
How to watch the Rugby World Cup 2019
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Share No Evil
Mar 27, 2019
Share No Evil browser extension launches to tackle online terror in NZ
NZ Compare is proud to support Share No Evil.  Share No Evil is a movement to make sharing terrorist content culturally unacceptable in Aotearoa.  With the tap of a button, people can take a small step to help starve terrorism of the oxygen it needs to survive.
Rural homes with broadband too slow to stream Rugby World Cup
Mar 15, 2019
Around 40,000 rural homes won’t have fast enough broadband to stream Rugby World Cup
A recent government committee recently revealed that 40,000 homes in rural areas won’t have broadband fast enough to stream the Rugby World Cup. Could you be missing out?
Spark Sport Rugby World Cup
Mar 11, 2019
Get ready to stream the Rugby World Cup 2019
Get ready for the 2019 Rugby World Cup and set yourself up with a great streaming service. Check out this great new service & free trial month for New Zealanders. 
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