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Digital technology can make a significant, positive impact on our nation's social and economic wellbeing – enabling stronger, safer, more connected communities (even in the most remote rural areas), opening more opportunities for our children (regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds), and improving health outcomes for New Zealanders of all ages and walks of life.

It can enable Kiwi companies to compete - and win - on the world stage and become smarter, more agile businesses by harnessing all the benefits of new technologies such as Cloud services and the Internet of Things.

Spark's success is dependent on our customers in one key market: New Zealand. That's why we're passionate about using technology to be truly useful to our customers, helping make our country better and enriching the lives of all New Zealanders. We want to be the most valued brand in the home, and the most trusted partner for business. 

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Total: 5.6
Reliability 6.3
Speed 6.0
Support 5.3
Features 5.9
Value 4.4
Average from 358 reviews
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2022-04-16 15:49:23
Lorraine Thornley 7.0
Moving to new home. Waiting for fiber to be connected, so they gave us wireless broadband until fibre connected. Not expecting password. Will not refund our money.
I am going off spark after being with them for over 40 years.
2022-02-08 05:43:37
Kev 3.8
one of the most hopeless, arrogant organisation I have ever had to deal with. I have been with them for many years but over the last few years it has been a steady dive in performance, service and support until it has reached new lows. Loyalty to a long time customer is some thing that they do not adhere to. A new plan is being forced on me but getting the swap over sorted is a nightmare. And then a bill comes and nothing has changed, except my old LL has been cut off. Trying to sort it is a nightmare that anybody could really do without. I am flabbergasted at the poor quality of knowledge and desire to help a paying customer through a change that they forced onto me. This is a new low in a steady downward curve over the last few years. ...read more
Some individuals put in the effort, but they (whilst appreciated) are few. Based on my experience. No Pros.
A helpdesk in the Phillipines is a problem because they do not understand local (NZ) conditions and expectations. The fault is not with these individuals but with what management dumps on them. All that matters is the money honey. No loyalty to long serving customers. Problem? What Problem? They just want to get you off the line ASAP. A constant feeling of management double-speak that is drilled into the overworked and underpaid underlings. ...read more
2021-11-28 13:31:12
Jacqueline Crothers 6.8
Need a change.
2021-11-27 07:40:57
R garvey 4.0
Fine when everything ok. Rather poor when things go wrong.
2021-11-24 11:45:18
Mel C 3.6
I've been with Telecom/Spark for 40+ years. Their loyalty is zero. Deals are offered to new customers only.
They tried to push me onto wireless internet last year. Sent a letter saying I'd be changed over unless I opted out. The letter arrived on a Saturday, opt-out deadline the following day. I phoned, told them the time-frame was unreasonable, but the customer service woman did not accept the facts here, was pushy and arrogant, then transferred me to the department where I would have to opt out - it was not staffed - they didn't work Sundays! Arranged a call-back for Monday with another call to spark and cancelled the changeover, (3 times now opted out), but they proceeded with it anyway, several days later. Eventually managed to get it cancelled & returned, again with several issues, the equipment they sent.
Had reason to phone them recently. Customer service was great - it generally is except for the sales team. Then they sent an email requesting feedback. Ha! My internet kept dropping out in the short survey and it wouldn't send!!
The continual lags and outages in internet are the main reason I'm changing. If they can't handle copper wire, why should I trust them with my Fibre connection. And I trust the other companies routers more than the ones Spark provides.
...read more
Customer service is usually great, (except for pushy Sales Team people).
Unreliable internet connection.
Showing 1-5 of 358 items.
Streaming rugby world cup for free
Jun 18, 2019
Spark makes the Rugby World Cup free for customers – is this a good deal for broadband?
Spark has announced that the Rugby World Cup 2019 Tournament Pass will be free for new or renewing customers on an eligible mobile or broadband plan. Broadband customers will need to commit to a 12 month unlimited broadband plan with Spark, so before you hit the ‘sign up’ button….
Spark New Zealand receive warning from Commerce Commission
May 23, 2019
Commerce Commission warn Spark over price rise messaging – were you affected?
The Commerce Commission has warned Spark for likely breaching the law when it notified customers of a broadband price rise last year. We you one of the customers effected?
How to watch the Rugby World Cup 2019
May 9, 2019
How to watch the Rugby World Cup 2019
Spark Sport have launched earlybird passes to stream the Spark Sport Rugby World Cup 2019. Make sure you have the fastest broadband plan and sign up in May and get the super early bird price of just….
Share No Evil
Mar 27, 2019
Share No Evil browser extension launches to tackle online terror in NZ
NZ Compare is proud to support Share No Evil.  Share No Evil is a movement to make sharing terrorist content culturally unacceptable in Aotearoa.  With the tap of a button, people can take a small step to help starve terrorism of the oxygen it needs to survive.
Rural homes with broadband too slow to stream Rugby World Cup
Mar 15, 2019
Around 40,000 rural homes won’t have fast enough broadband to stream Rugby World Cup
A recent government committee recently revealed that 40,000 homes in rural areas won’t have broadband fast enough to stream the Rugby World Cup. Could you be missing out?
Spark Sport Rugby World Cup
Mar 11, 2019
Get ready to stream the Rugby World Cup 2019
Get ready for the 2019 Rugby World Cup and set yourself up with a great streaming service. Check out this great new service & free trial month for New Zealanders. 
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