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Digital technology can make a significant, positive impact on our nation's social and economic wellbeing – enabling stronger, safer, more connected communities (even in the most remote rural areas), opening more opportunities for our children (regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds), and improving health outcomes for New Zealanders of all ages and walks of life.

It can enable Kiwi companies to compete - and win - on the world stage and become smarter, more agile businesses by harnessing all the benefits of new technologies such as Cloud services and the Internet of Things.

Spark's success is dependent on our customers in one key market: New Zealand. That's why we're passionate about using technology to be truly useful to our customers, helping make our country better and enriching the lives of all New Zealanders. We want to be the most valued brand in the home, and the most trusted partner for business. 

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Total: 5.4
Reliability 6.0
Speed 5.8
Support 5.0
Features 5.7
Value 4.4
Average from 226 reviews
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2018-04-22 02:35:14
Chris 3.6
My switch to Spark lasted only 3 months and was truly awful. From the first day our internet was dropping out regularly. I made several complaints and cases to get it fixed. Spark offered to send a new router, but never sent it. I got fed up waiting and bought a new one, finding the problem was on their end. Technician came out to visit, found a problem, and fixed a jack point in the wall, but never stayed long enough to see if that was the problem. Within an hour it was crashing again. I cancelled the service in frustration and was billed for the technician visit, Spark claiming there was no evidence the problem continued. So after 3 months I paid the bills on time and got stuck with a technician bill and a cancellation bill for 3 months of inadequate service and lies. 3 months at $59.99 became over $700 including the router I bought and the technician visit. Avoid Spark/Telecom like the plague, false promises, lying customer service, and lazy attitude. Not recommended at all. ...read more
Fast when working.
Terrible customer service, false promises, general 'care-free' attitude.
2018-04-19 07:59:41
David Ellis Monks 5.2
My old home plan was expensive to change or upgrade.
Friendly and (usually) helpful staff.
Unable to setup a plan for multiple devices
2018-04-18 11:17:10
Debbie 5.4
Charges are too much for only 60GB other providers do unlimited and we will be reviewing who we deal with. We were told that we get VDSL but this review shows that in fact we only get ADSL!
Better the devil you know!
Mobile plan does not roll over data and that is so poor! Call centres are hopeless so prefer to do chat but that takes so long but better than trying to speak with anyone! Going into the SPARK stores for help and guidance, they are not interested unless it is about a mobile so from that point of view I do not rate them highly. ...read more
2018-04-18 00:40:35
charmaine 7.0
could never get through to them on their pathetic ph service, the call back service they have doesnt ever seem to be on.
2018-04-12 07:25:24
rowena 6.0
I have been with spark for years and have stayed loyal but here fees are ridiculous so I'm opting out after 15 years.
Customer service is out sourced and is painful. Broadband Slows down quite often at peak times
Price is high for what you get.
Showing 96-100 of 234 items.
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