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Freedom Internet

We provide customers with Internet services so we can make life happen!

We’re not your typical Internet Service Provider.

Freedom Internet uses fibre and radio networks to deliver connectivity to buildings and pre-install Internet in buildings so commercial and residential customers can connect to fibre speed Internet on the day they move in.

No waiting, no connection fees, just fast, instant Internet, easy!

Founded in 2010, we’ve grown rapidly across Australia and New Zealand, over 500 buildings and 35,000 apartments have access to Freedom Internet.

Our job is to connect people. When people are connected, relationships are established, and communities are formed. This gives people a sense of belonging and it improves the quality of their lives by providing them with control and freedom.

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Total: 7.9
Reliability 8.0
Speed 7.7
Support 8.6
Features 7.5
Value 7.9
Average from 50 reviews
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2019-04-24 21:16:46
Patrick Tran 7.6
Overall the service is very reliable and easy to setup when come to purchasing plans.
Staff are very helpful every time. This last time I spoke to Nate and he is very helpful.
2019-04-24 15:12:15
Kushagra 10.0
Always very easy to deal with. Efficient and Effective Service with no hassles and trouble.
2019-04-23 15:00:36
Katherine Xu 7.6
Thanks Nate for replying my questions very quickly and being very patient and helpful.
2019-04-18 20:26:34
Philip 8.4
Professional, quick and friendly service.pleasure to do business with Nate
2019-04-17 23:17:49
Fritha Stalker 5.0
What a shame! A great idea, a disaster in practice: I loved being connected immediately in my new apartment, via the existing set up (open modems, logon via browser) BUT the reliability and speed were not acceptable when married with average to high charges AND poor customer service. I cannot believe what a wasted opportunity this great theoretical business model and poor business practice this represents. Put me in charge and I’ll get it sorted!
Immediate connection
Unreliable, Expensive, Poor Support
Showing 41-45 of 50 items.
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