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Contact Energy Broadband

Contact Energy now offer Broadband. You can sign up to Contact Energy unlimited broadband service if you have your residential electricity account with Contact Energy at the same address – this means everything is wrapped up together with the convenience of one bill and one number to call. Easy as! This includes single energy, distributed generation or DualEnergy (excl. LPG).

Contact Energy are one of New Zealand's largest listed companies but we operate with the same genuine concern for our customers and communities as the smallest. We are integral to our customers' lives – and our customers are integral to us. We keep the lights burning, the hot water flowing and the BBQ fired up for over half a million homes and businesses across New Zealand.  Compare Contact Energy Broadband prices and Contact Energy Broadband deals at Broadband Compare.

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Total: 4.6
Reliability 4.5
Speed 4.7
Support 4.2
Features 4.5
Value 5.4
Average from 37 reviews
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2021-01-20 11:55:07
Julie 3.4
Good value broadband when bundled with electricity, and even better with gas added on. A modem is even provided for free. However, I found the speed and reliability to be volatile, especially on bad weather days. When this happens, it's impossible to get a customer service rep on the phone to address it.
2020-12-30 14:53:36
Ria 2.6
Poor service, bad management and staff. Silly company who thinks every single issue us customers have is not a big issue, where it takes weeks or months to get resolved or looked at, they can't give us customers an update whenever we call, They don't respond to any of our emails when we follow up, they get addresses mucked up . This company does not look after their customers, they take our money. Its better off people go to other service providers like Vodafone and etc where they have good quality broadband and look after their customers well. ...read more
Cheap Prices
Rip off Service Provider.
2020-11-28 14:33:48
Rachel Biddles 1.0
Used to be really good. I didn't bother with fibre because the existing speeds were good. Now since the 'upgrade'. It is either slow or down. Constantly. Customer service useless and do not listen - just take me through standard trouble shooting that I already did. I have school reports to write and my daughter revising for exams. No time frame of the problem even being looked at. Terrible.
Go back to their previous service provider
See above review. I would not recommend
2020-11-20 12:30:24
Steve S 1.0
Absolutely useless. Speeds are dial up speeds and I am constantly using my mobile data at home!! Dont even bother save the heartache and go elsewhere
2020-10-19 16:53:32
Alan 2.6
I was apalled to be told that it would take another 1.5 - 2 weeks for a second tier of technical help to get back to me to try to get my internet working. This was after the 1st tier provided a very low level of trouble shooting. I asked if they could send me out a new router to see if that was the issue however they said they absolutely could not do that. I had to wait 7 - 10 working days to hear from someone who could authorise sending one. They seemed to consider that this was acceptable service. We have three people working from home so internet is an essential service for us, however this made no difference. I had three choices, wait (no), change ISPs and hope they one could connect faster, or buy a new router to eliminate that as a problem. I bought a new router and with the settings provided by Contact it also didn't work. I tried other settings and with it setup on Static IP address it worked fine. I tried the old Contact modem with my settings, and that now worked, so Contact:
1. Consider that it's acceptable for customers to be without internet for two weeks
2. Don't know the settings for setting up their modems
3. Can't authorise anything, like a replacement modem, to help customers get back on-line earlier
4. Have pretty low level staff to respond to general technical problems, after that you wait internet free for up to two weeks.
5. Are woefully understaffed if it takes up to two weeks for a tech to call you back

When the service does work it is patchy and sometimes hangs up when just streaming one TV - wasn't fibre supposed to fix this?
So if that is all acceptable to you to then go ahead, choose Contact Broadband and have fun.
...read more
Really, really, really poor customer service and time frames. Totally unacceptable for an essential service provider. Internet speeds and connection are patchy.
Showing 11-15 of 37 items.
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