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Broadband Compare helps you compare broadband plans from the best NZ broadband providers.  You can use Broadband Compare to compare broadband by price, broadband speed, data caps and much more.  It takes just 60 seconds to compare your broadband plan and save.

How does Broadband Compare Work?

Broadband Compare is quick and easy to use.  You just need to tell us a little bit about your internet needs and Broadband Compare will show you the best broadband deals and broadband offers for your requirements.  Compare broadband plans now.


NZ Internet Provider Comparison

Broadband Compare uses the most up to date broadband map available to determine the best broadband connection available at your NZ address.  We cover the whole of NZ, making sure that all New Zealanders can compare broadband and get the best broadband plan for their needs.  We work with a huge number of different broadband providers to ensure that we can compare internet plans and find the best deal whether you are looking for fibre broadband, ADSL broadband, VDSL broadband or a rural broadband connection.  Whatever type of broadband plan you are looking for, Broadband Compare will find what's on offer at your address and allow you to use some simple filters to then pair you with the most suitable broadband plans for your needs.

Choosing the best internet plan is only possible when you know what’s available. At Broadband Compare, unlike some of our less comprehensive competitors, we help you compare broadband plans from every NZ broadband Provider across New Zealand.  We will show you all the plans available at your property and allow you to filter by price, speed and data usage to make sure you get the best broadband plan for your needs.

The Broadband Compare website, like all NZ Compare sites (Power Compare, Money Compare, Mobile Compare and Travel Compare) is 100% free of charge for you to use and is trusted by over 40,000 Kiwis every month to get the right advice for getting a fantastic deal on their broadband plan.   Compare broadband plans now.


The Best Broadband Plan for your needs.

Every broadband connection in NZ is a little bit different and no two households using the internet are the same.  Some connections need the fastest broadband possible as they are full of serious streamers and gamers whilst others are simply using the internet to read the off Herald NZ or Stuff article and check their social media and email accounts.   Everybody has different reuirements for their broadband connection so with just a few simple questions we can filter those features and benefits that are most imporynat to you.   Compare broadband plans now.


Save on your Broadband Connection

There are loads of ways to save on your broadband connection at home.  Think of switching to a new provider with a great new customer offer, bundling with your power bill or removing the landline (I mean really… when was the last time you used it?) for three quick ways to save.  Switching broadband provider is relatively simple and you should be able to free up some cash to help you enjoy the more important things in life!   Compare broadband plans now. 


Why use Broadband Compare?

  • We help thousands of Kiwis every month
  • Fully comprehensive listing of every provider and plan – not just those that pay us!
  • Easy to compare broadband plans, costs and features
  • Save you time & money
  • Broadband Compare exclusive deals – some of the best value in the NZ broadband market
  • Broadband Compare is 100% free to use – whether you switch, just browse or stick with your current provider there are never any costs from NZ Compare to use our sites.
  • Featured by major news outlets – NZ Herald, Stuff, Radio Live and many more
  • Award winning – the only award winning comparison website in NZ

So what are you waiting for?  Compare NZ Broadband Providers and Plans today. 

Click on the best link for your needs below.  Not sure what you need?  Enter your address and use the filters to get tailored broadband plan recommendations.


Compare broadband by speed

Minimum Fixed line broadband speeds – Compare ADSL Broadband Plans

Average broadband speeds – Compare VDSL Broadband Plans

Fast Broadband Speeds – 100 Mbps Fibre Broadband Connections – Compare 100 Mbps Fibre Broadband Plans

Super Fast Broadband Speeds – 200 Mbps Fibre Broadband Connections – Compare 200 Mbps Fibre Broadband Plans

Fastest Broadband Speeds – 950 Mbps Fibre Broadband Connections – Compare 950 Mbps Fibre Broadband Plans


Compare broadband by connection type

Compare ADSL Broadband Plans

Compare VDSL Broadband Plans

Compare Fibre Broadband Plans

Compare Wireless Broadband Plans

Compare Rural Broadband Plans

Compare Satellite Broadband Plans


Compare broadband by data usage

Low usage broadband plans – Up to 50Gb - Compare Low Usage Broadband Plans Now

Capped usage broadband plans – Up to 100Gb - Compare Capped Broadband Plans Now

Unlimited data broadband plans – Compare Unlimited Data Broadband Plans Now


Compare Bundled Broadband Plans

Landline and Broadband Bundles

Power and Broadband Bundles

Broadband and TV Bundles

Broadband and Sky Bundles

Broadband and Mobile Bundles


Still not sure?  Drop the team an email or call Broadband Compare on 0508 226672 for a free of charge and no obligation broadband consultation.


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