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Choosing your broadband speed for gaming
Apr 15, 2019
Choosing your Broadband Speed – what’s the difference?
Need some help figuring out which broadband speed is right for you? Our handy comparison table will help you see how different broadband speeds shape up in real life.
Is this the end of Gigatown?
Apr 12, 2019
Is this the end of Gigatown?
Today Chorus has confirmed that subsidised wholesale pricing for Dunedin’s gigabit fibre connections, as part of the Gigatown competition, will end on 30 June 2019. Since Dunedin was named New Zealand’s Gigatown five years ago - coming out on top out of 27 towns and cities to get one-gigabit-per-second internet, the fastest in the Southern Hemisphere - gigabit fibre has been rolled out to nearly 53,000 homes and businesses, and there have been around 13,000 new gigabit connections.
Signing consent form to install fibre broadband
Apr 8, 2019
Fibre Consent Process
Do I need consent to get fibre installed? Learn about the types of consent required to get fibre broadband and fibre installation companies in NZ
Young girl using an iPad - good broadband plans for families
Apr 8, 2019
Top family broadband plans for the holidays & tips for dealing with screen-time
Dealing with technology and screen-time can be a top source of stress for parents during school holidays. Here are some top Kiwi broadband providers with family filtering services. Plus some top tips for dealing with screen time during school holidays.
Get the most out of your fibre broadband experience
Mar 31, 2019
Get the most out of your fibre broadband experience
There are a range of factors that can affect your fibre broadband performance. Don’t suffer with a poor broadband service. Check out these tips to get the most out of your fibre broadband experience. 
Unbundled fibre in New Zealand
Mar 29, 2019
Negotiations for unbundled fibre could see broadband increase by $40/month
New Zealand’s heavyweights in the telecommunications industry are negotiating the future of unbundled fibre broadband in NZ which could see broadband increase by $40/month
Kiwi business high speed internet
Mar 28, 2019
New report shows Kiwis Businesses are increasingly adopting Fibre
More than half of businesses are used fibre broadband in 2018, Stats NZ said today. Fibre uptake by businesses has double in four years. Which industries are the highest adopters?
Share No Evil
Mar 27, 2019
Share No Evil browser extension launches to tackle online terror in NZ
NZ Compare is proud to support Share No Evil.  Share No Evil is a movement to make sharing terrorist content culturally unacceptable in Aotearoa.  With the tap of a button, people can take a small step to help starve terrorism of the oxygen it needs to survive.
Less than 90,000 connections left to stream the rugby world vcup
Mar 24, 2019
Countdown – less than 90,000 connections left to stream the Rugby World Cup
The Countdown is on to get ready to stream the Rugby World Cup from home. Chorus has announced that there are fewer than 90,000 fibre connections left before the RWC
Rural homes with broadband too slow to stream Rugby World Cup
Mar 15, 2019
Around 40,000 rural homes won’t have fast enough broadband to stream Rugby World Cup
A recent government committee recently revealed that 40,000 homes in rural areas won’t have broadband fast enough to stream the Rugby World Cup. Could you be missing out?
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