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Customer Stories: Mike on Stuff Fibre broadband installation

Customer Stories: Mike on Stuff Fibre broadband installation
Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Switching broadband providers can be that easy. One of our customers shares his recent story of moving houses and finding the best internet provider for him.

The challenge
“I was moving houses in the North Shore, Auckland at the beginning of March 2018. The previous tenants already had fibre broadband installed in the house, so I needed to choose a good broadband plan from a reliable broadband provider. A quick research among the major broadband providers I knew showed that all offers for fibre internet started at over $90/month. It took me a lot of time to visit each provider’s website to compare which plans did suit me best. The challenge for me was that I couldn’t easily see what broadband plans are available for my address, and see multiple plans from multiple providers side by side.”...

You can read Mike's full customer story by clicking here.

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