Customer Stories: Mike


“It was just so quick.” — Mike on his Stuff Fibre broadband installation.

The challenge

“I was moving houses in the North Shore, Auckland at the beginning of March 2018. The previous tenants already had fibre broadband installed in the house, so I needed to choose a good broadband plan from a reliable broadband provider. A quick research among the major broadband providers I knew showed that all offers for fibre internet started at over $90/month. It took me a lot of time to visit each provider’s website to compare which plans did suit me best. The challenge for me was that I couldn’t easily see what broadband plans are available for my address, and see multiple plans from multiple providers side by side.”

The solution

“After visiting multiple broadband providers individually, I’ve decided to find a service that could compare broadband plans all in one place. A quick Google search on “Compare Broadband in Auckland” returned a result for I just typed in my new home address, and all internet plans available for my address were presented all in one place. There were all of the characteristics I needed: speed, length of the contract, price, sign-up bonuses. It was convenient to compare various companies, and there were exclusive deals available that I haven’t seen anywhere else online.”


“I never thought that there are so many broadband providers and plans available in New Zealand, and the choice isn’t limited to major providers only. One of the important factors in my decision-making process is positive feedback and reviews. I was delighted to find reviews pages available for providers at Broadband Compare. I quickly read user review about the companies I was most interested in and liked Stuff Fibre provider most of all. It was one of the most praised internet providers by users, and luckily, there was an exclusive deal available for my address. I ended up choosing Stuff Fibre 12-month contract fibre plan with first 3 months for free, and only $79.50/month thereafter. It rounds up to roughly $60/month over the period of 12 months. It was, by far, the most appealing broadband plan I have come across in Auckland and all thanks to Broadband Compare. I was also pleasantly surprised that Stuff Fibre offered a free router and free installation.”

The outcome

“I chose my preferred plan with Stuff Fibre and hit “Sign Up” button at Broadband Compare. 5 minutes later, I already had an account with Stuff Fibre, and 15 minutes after that I received the confirmation date for my fibre installation. Luckily, I only had to wait for 3 days for broadband to connected to my address. Next day I already had my free router delivered (a brand new, unpacked Asus RT-AC58U model, which turned out to be a fast, reliable gigabit router).”


“A few days later, on a scheduled day I simply plugged my internet cable from a router to ONT (a fibre box on the wall), and the internet was up and running. I didn’t even need to configure or set anything up, just type in a WiFi password that was printed at the back of the router.”


“I went online, and the first thing I did was checking my internet connection speed. I was impressed with the results: stable 100 Mb/s for download and 20 Mb/s for upload speeds, exactly as advertised by Stuff Fibre. I couldn’t be happier. It was just so quick! And I highly recommend Stuff Fibre to my friends and family now.”

About Stuff Fibre

Stuff Fibre is the winner of Broadband Compare Awards 2017 for Best Fibre Provider nomination. They offer fast, reliable, unlimited broadband with customer service you can rely on. People join Stuff Fibre for a genuinely better internet experience.

About Broadband Compare

Broadband Compare is the New Zealand broadband experts. The company launched in June 2016 and is now NZ’s most comprehensive broadband comparison site featuring 2066 broadband plans from 127 different New Zealand ISPs.

You can find all the exclusive broadband deals, including Stuff Fibre at Broadband Compare Exclusive Deals Page. Keep an eye on the best deals and plans, since they run out fast. If you need any help, you can always chat with us through our website, call us at 0508 226672 or drop us an email


* We thank Mike from Auckland, North Shore for taking the time to answer our questions and agreeing to be featured in our Customer Stories column.

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