Gigabit Broadband – Why do you need a gig?

Gigabit Broadband – Why do you need a gig?
Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New Zealand is on the cusp of being one of the very best connected countries in the world and will soon leap up the average broadband speed rankings with the launch of Gigabit fibre plans across New Zealand in the next few days.

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So if you are considering gigabit fibre broadband then here’s a quick article that will help you make the decision… just why do you need a gigabit connection?

Well… other than just to have the best of the best there are a number of benefits.  With up to 1,000 megabits per second download speeds alongside 500 megabit per second upload speeds there will be more than enough bandwidth in your home for everyone and ALL of their devices. 

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What can you do with a Gigabit of bandwidth?

With technology changing and improving everyday there is what you will use it for now alongside ‘future-proofing’ yourself for what technology will do in the future.  Even right now, there are many examples where having Gigabit fibre broadband in NZ will enables you to do so much more with your fibre broadband connection.  For example:


Gigabit Broadband - Stream videos, movies, and TV shows online.

For most broadband users in NZ this is already available to you today.  The big change that you will see with a Gigabit speed broadband connection is that you will be able to seamlessly stream high-definition (HD) video content with little to no delays or buffering.

In fact, Gigabit fibre connections in NZ may soon be able to access additional, high quality services that will only be available on Gigabit fibre plans.  For example, in the US, Netflix allows Gigabit fibre customers to have access to their Super HD video content and that may follow in NZ.  More and more video content continues to be made available in High Definition (HD) quality, and you can see this trend taking shape when you look and search for videos on YouTube and other video streaming websites.  Not only will you be able to stream HD video content, you will also be able to do so at amazing speeds.  This will mean less time waiting, watching the swirling circle of doom and more time enjoying your favourite shows and movies in high definition.

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Gigabit Fibre - Improved online experience for multiple users

Have you noticed that when you have multiple people doing multiple things on multiple devices connected to your broadband network the performance starts to suffer?  Probably best demonstrated whenever you sign into a public wireless network and experience slow browsing speeds due to the number of users taking a chunk of that connection?  Well this exact same issue happens in NZ consumers' homes everyday.  More and more devices ranging from smartphones to televisions, game systems to tablets are looking to connect to your internet connection in an always on capacity.  As more and more different devices connect to your network and start to use the bandwidth, each person or device will experience their speed decrease.  With Gigabit fibre broadband this is of much less concern because the speeds and capacity are so much bigger and faster.

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Gigabit Internet - Video conferencing.

Video conferencing continues to grow in popularity. Businesses and individuals are now using Google Hangouts, Facetime, Skype, and many other online video conferencing services

Each of these video conferencing services uses a pretty decent chunk of the internet bandwidth on your broadband connection.  Without sufficient broadband speeds, the video quality in the online conference can be poor, and video conference users can experience annoying losses of connections, frozen pictures and stuttering speech.  With a gigabit fibre broadband plan, these types of internet problems are no longer a problem.  You could pretty much have a full team meeting with up to ten members at home because the Gigabit broadband connection would have plenty of bandwidth.

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Gigabit Broadband - Download and upload files with incredible speed.

As technology and the use of the ‘cloud’ continues to advance, more and more people are storing more and more data and need to upload that quickly and easily.  The majority of new smartphones now have very high-powered cameras that take awesome photos and videos.  These great photos and videos mean the file size has increased in every picture taken so when you are uploading these new, bigger files to social media networks or into the cloud, each of the files can take several minutes or hours to upload, depending on the file size and your internet connection speed.  With a gigabit fibre broadband connection you will be able to cut these upload and download times down significantly to just one or two seconds.

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Gigabit Fibre - Play video games online.

Online video gaming continues to grow in popularity, and the big two console platforms, X-Box and Playstation continue to release more new games which have high-quality video content that require very fast and very stable internet connections with low latency.  Gigabit broadband plans will give you all of this and more.  In fact, one provider in New Zealand is even offering a free X-Box One S for new customers who sign up to their Gigabit broadband plan.  Check it out here.  A Gigabit broadband plan lets you play online games seamlessly and give you the biggest chance of success.

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Read some fun Gigabit Broadband Facts! 

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