Christchurch Fibre Broadband News 

14 December
Christchurch Fibre Broadband News 


The Enable CEO Steve Fuller has laid down a challenge for more local families and businesses to make the switch to fibre broadband in Christchurch and to enjoy the benefits, all as Enable’s fibre broadband network reaches three quarters of the greater Christchurch community.

“We’re fast approaching 40,000 customers connected to our network and this number will grow to over 50,000 by midway through 2017. We have been working hard increasing our connection capability and we are now connecting over 100 households and businesses per day – that’s 2,000 per month and still growing,” says Mr Fuller.

Can I get Fibre at my Christchurch address?

Enable has now completed its fibre broadband network roll-out to over 133,000 homes and businesses in Christchurch, Rolleston, Lincoln, Rangiora, Kaiapoi and Woodend – 75 percent of its total coverage area and here on Broadband Compare you can compare Christchurch fibre broadband providers to find the best Christchurch internet plan.  Almost all of the Western and Northern parts of Christchurch, as well as Rolleston and Lincoln, can connect to fibre broadband and there are large amounts of coverage across the rest of the city and in parts of Rangiora, Kaiapoi and Woodend.


You can check if your address can get fibre here on Broadband Compare by clicking here and entering your address.


Within a few months, more Eastern parts of Christchurch will have access to Enable’s fibre broadband with thousands of new addresses being launched each month. Enable is also increasing its presence in the three Waimakariri towns it covers and in the hill suburbs of Christchurch as it works to complete the remaining network build – by December 2018 at the latest.

As Enable has extended fibre broadband availability across greater Christchurch, demand has accelerated at a much higher than expected rate and is now years ahead of what was predicted a few years ago.

“We have responded to the demand growth and prepared our business to connect more and more customers – and we are ready to connect even more now,” says Mr Fuller.

“We have worked to make it easier for customers to connect by extending our offer not to charge for any new residential installations until the end of 2019 – that’s right – our install is free for residential customers. We have also introduced many new initiatives to improve the connection experience and help customers in more challenging properties, such as those up shared driveways, to connect.

“Today, our average connection time is less than a month for a standard simple residential customer – with a standalone house on its own section – and this time is improving all the time.”


How to get Fibre Broadband installed in Christchurch

A standard installation usually involves three visits to a home – one to agree the install plan, one to undertake the required network build work at the property, and a final one to undertake the technical equipment installation inside. Enable has recently launched a new website with a strong focus on explaining the connection process to its customers –

Mr Fuller adds, “Our customers are telling us that getting connected to fibre is well worth it and they would not want to go back to a non-fibre broadband service.”

“We know many families who are seeing their internet demands increase dramatically as their children grow and do more things online – and they are confident that fibre broadband will keep up with their future needs.

“We’ve spoken with households of eight students who would not be without a fibre broadband service that allows them to connect multiple devices, stream movies, research for their studies and Skype their families.

“Businesses of all sizes and across all sectors – from large construction companies to small suburban hair salons – are switching to fibre broadband to enjoy a range of productivity, efficiency and new service benefits.

“For all these customers there is a common theme that fibre broadband provides a better online experience than other technologies. We challenge our community to come on board and enjoy the benefits.”

You can read the Fibre Installation Case Study from our MD here

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