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Fibre Installation – A case study to getting fibre connected in New Zealand - Part 1

Fibre Installation – A case study to getting fibre connected in New Zealand - Part 1
Sunday, August 28, 2016

Remember when you moved from dialup internet to broadband?  When you no longer had to ask if anyone wanted to use the phone in the next hour or so because you wanted to check email?  Remember how good that switch to broadband was?  Well get ready for that feeling again.  If you can get fibre, then what are you waiting for?  Get it!  The change from ADSL to UFB is like that dialup to broadband switch all over again except now you won’t be limited to Netscape Navigator and loading text heavy pages with just Times New Roman fonts!

Fibre Broadband will transform how you use the internet.  Personally I’ve been waiting to switch from my current ADSL connection to Fibre ever since I saw those signs go up down my street that Chorus were coming through and bringing the fibre rollout with them.  Well now that day has arrived… and I’m excited!  This post will explain the fibre installation process in NZ, whether there is a fibre install fee, what the fibre installation time is and what you need to do to get a fibre install NZ wide underway… so... how did I get here?



Well that wasn’t too hard for me as I’m the founder of a broadband comparison website!  As you can probably imagine, my first stop when looking to compare internet providers in NZ was to jump online and visit Broadband Compare.  I didn’t necessarily want the cheapest broadband NZ had to offer, I wanted the best broadband plan for my needs.  Now I am very comfortable with my internet requirements and so I knew that I was looking for a broadband provider that could offer me unlimited data, fast download speeds of at least 100Mbps (if I was going to shift to fibre that is the least I would expect), upload speeds weren’t so much of an issue and I would need a new router as the current router which I used for ADSL would be like putting a tiny tap on a massive pipe… which is a very common mistake that people make and quite frankly it is just a little bit silly. 


With my broadband requirements in mind I dropped my address and all the info into the simple to use filters on Broadband Compare and clicked on ‘Compare’.



As a consumer I can search and compare more than 1500 broadband plans from 79 broadband providers NZ wide.

The results came up and… fabulous.  I found the best internet provider NZ had for my particular needs and they had one of the best internet deals NZ had on offer too with an exclusive promo code for Broadband Compare that saved me $50.


I clicked though and went about the simple sign up process and I was done.  Time to wait for the call it said… and so I waited, I was about to head on my Fibre installation journey and follow the A,B, C process.





I won’t lie.  I was excited!

See if you can get fibre broadband and compare fibre broadband plans here.


Read PART 2 of this Fibre Installation Case Study here.

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