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Chorus to cut wholesale price of Gigabit Ultrafast broadband

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Monday, November 19, 2018

A Chorus announcement that they plan to cut the wholesale price of Gigabit ultra-fast broadband (UFB) could be great news for Broadband Compare customers. 

Chorus have announced a plan to “incentivise” the take-up of higher performing Fibre services.  This is in response to a recent surge in an already strong demand for fibre plans that saw Chorus reach 500,000 new UFB connections in New Zealand.

Chorus will cut the wholesale price of its Gigabit ultra-fast broadband (UFB) service from $65 to $60 in July with a further drop to $56 in July 2020.

Chorus is the network company that provides a broadband connection to retailers like Vodafone, Spark and Vocus. The wholesale price is the fee retailers pay Chorus for each connection. Retailer service providers add their own margin to the wholesale price, independent of Chorus. So consumers will need to rely on their chosen provider to pass savings onto them. 


New Zealanders are signing up for ultra-fast broadband deals in record numbers 

In April, Chorus reached 400,000 fibre connections, meaning an additional 100,000 premises have been connected to Chorus fibre in just the last six months. By comparison, it took five years to connect the first 100,000 customers to fibre.

Chorus report that as more New Zealanders connect to fibre, consumers are also moving away from entry-level plans towards higher specification plans to ensure they get the very best experience.  

Gavin Male, Broadband Compare Founder and CEO, says that this mirrors what Broadband Compare are seeing in their customers, “Fibre is the most popular new plan for our customers to switch to for a reason. It is much more advanced and efficient than the copper technology of last century. If you live in a home with multiple users streaming movies and games, and accessing content at the same time, Ultra-Fast Broadband will handle just about anything you can throw at it.”

“We recently worked in partnership with My Republic to bring customers our best value fibre broadband deal for just $59.99. Phenomenal take up of this deal shows our customers are hungry for high speed broadband deals at great prices. Chorus’ planned price cuts are great news for our customers who are looking for higher specification plans.”


A guide to Ultrafast Broadband Plans

Ultra-Fast Broadband offers the best broadband user experience when compare with ADSL or VDSL. It offer much faster connection speeds, and a service that won’t fluctuate like older broadband technology that relies on copper cable technology (ADSL or VDSL)

The standard version of fibre offers between 30-50 Mbs download speed. This is a similar speed as standard broadband, but a main benefit is that the connection doesn’t fluctuate like older broadband connections, which helps when several devices are streaming at the same time. 

You can choose a faster fibre plan that offers 100Mbs, which is more than enough for most users, and means you’ll never buffer even when streaming 4K videos. 

Gigabit fibre plans are for hardcore users – it’s fast enough to stream ultra-high definition movies to 40 different devices simultaneously! 

Chorus’ price cuts will come into effect in July next year. A deal with the Government announced last month will also mean Chorus can increase the price of its 100 megabit-per-second service by $1, to $46, from July. That means there will be only a $14 differential in the wholesale cost of 100Mpbs and gigabit connections from July. Consumers should expect to see a significant reduction as a result of Chorus’ price changes. 


Check out Broadband Compare’s Cheapest Fibre Deals 

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