Vodafone NZ email accounts to close

8 September
Vodafone NZ email accounts to close

Vodafone customers who have a Vodafone email address that they use for day to day affairs will have to switch email provider before the end of November 2017 as Vodafone plans to axe its email services after providing them for the last 20 years.  There are a number of different email domains that will be affected – these include the following domains.











When asked for comment, Vodafone said they had up to 250,000 active email users but many operate dual email accounts.  The spokesman continued that the accounts would be switched off on November 30 2017, however, Vodafone has promised customers it will automatically forward emails from the closed accounts to a new email of the customer's choice, for as long as they are a Vodafone customer.  The suggested solution from Vodafone is to set up a free Microsoft or Google email account.

The decision has been taken because of issues over the last few months including high levels of spam and delayed mail.  Vodafone said many of its customers already had alternative web-based email services "with greater functionality" such as Gmail and Outlook, which were easy, secure and efficient.

Vodafone have started to email affected customers about the closure and giving information on how to set up automatic forwarding and a new email address.  If you would like additional advice on moving your email address from Vodafone we have a short guide here on Broadband Compare. Likewise if you want further advice don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Broadband Compare team.



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