Faster than the Aussies and the Brits! Broadband speed in NZ

14 August
Faster than the Aussies and the Brits! Broadband speed in NZ

The mean (average) download speed in New Zealand was a very respectable 16.6Mbs, which means on average you can download a 7.5GB movie in just over one hour.  As a comparison there is still a way to go to match the 18 minutes that download would take in Singapore, the top ranked country which got 55Mbs as an average speed.

The worldwide internet speed rankings were compiled by a broadband comparison service based out of the UK called  The broadband speed comparison they conducted put Britain one place below New Zealand.  Whilst some other notable countries were the United States at 21st, while Australia was at 55th position with 7.7Mbs.  So broadband is yet another thing that is better on this side of the ditch! 

The worst connection?  Well that dubious honour belongs to Yemen, where download speeds of 0.34Mbps means it would take two days to download that same movie… ouch.

Most countries in the top 30 were from Europe and Asia. 

Looking at the results, it is worth bearing in mind that broadband speed rankings tend to offer a scattered picture of the overall position depending on how you measure… so what we say here at Broadband Compare is… who cares?!!  

Control your own destiny!  New Zealand has a number of internet providers who offer speeds close to one Gigabit and you can compare them all on Broadband Compare.  

As the ultra fast broadband rollout continues across New Zealand our download speeds should be improving as more people sign up for ultra-fast broadband (fibre) which is capable of up to 950Mbs with most opting for 100Mbps speeds.

So if you really are after the fastest internet provider in New Zealand then check the plans and make a choice.  The more people on a Gig type plan, the more we’ll move that average! Compare plans now


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