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9 out of 10 Kiwis think broadband is more important than rugby

19 October
9 out of 10 Kiwis think broadband is more important than rugby

The All Blacks are on the cusp of a world record for the longest winning streak in test rugby history, but that isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, according to some Kiwis at least, who have revealed in a recent survey that they think broadband is much more important than rugby.

It’s not just rugby either.  When quizzed by New Zealand broadband comparison website Broadband Compare (, nine out of ten Kiwis said that broadband was more important to them than rugby, but plenty of other passions are also pushed out by our desire to stay connected to the world wide web.

The results of the online poll show 91 per cent of respondents would opt for broadband over rugby if they had to choose which was more important whilst another of our passions also suffered, with the majority of Kiwis preferring to indulge their internet fix before their caffeine fix.  57% would give up their flat white or cup of tea in favour of their internet connection.  Some other areas fared significantly better including fruit and veg, a bath or shower and the car.  These were deemed far more important than a broadband connection.

Another finding that was very evident from the survey was what Kiwis want from their internet service provider. Unsurprisingly, price, speed and reliability came out on top but respondents don’t seem to be getting this because 75% of those surveyed would not proactively recommend their current broadband provider to family or friends.  One reason for this may be that almost 70% of respondents were unsure if they were on the best value broadband plan for their needs.  Broadband Compare helps Kiwis to switch broadband provider and with a huge range of different plans from 97 different New Zealand ISP’s available there really is no need to be unsatisfied with your current broadband.

Whilst those stats and the rugby stat may be a surprise, it’s refreshing to know that other Kiwi values are still far more important than broadband.  The survey revealed the most important thing in respondent’s lives being whanau with only 4% choosing the internet over family and some things will never change... we’re still a frisky lot and the majority (54%) of Kiwis still prefer some private time in the bedroom with their partner to time browsing the web.


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