Ask for better broadband

10 May
Ask for better broadband

What is the 'Ask for Better' broadband initiative?  

Created by Chorus – the largest broadband network provider in New Zealand it is a campaign in association with a number of the leading New Zealand Internet providers to get Kiwis to ask for better broadband… because there are 1.4 million kiwis who can get better broadband right now!


What is better broadband?

People think that once they have a broadband connection they are all the same… but far from it.  There are a number of different technology types and not all the different broadband technologies perform the same for internet speed, internet reliability and internet downloading.

Some of the main broadband types and their main features and benefits are as follows:


Wireless Broadband

This is effectively internet broadband through the 4G mobile phone network.  The performance can vary depending on the demand around you but it is very quick and easy to get set up and started.


ADSL Broadband

Basically this is old school broadband technology.  It is based on the old copper telephone network and is the legacy broadband technology in New Zealand.  If you are a low level internet user it is perfectly sufficient and supports everyday activities like web browsing, online banking, and emailing.  You can read a more detailed description here.


VDSL Broadband

This is a part fibre broadband technology and offers a more reliable and better internet experience with less buffering than basic ADSL broadband.  It is very easy to upgrade from basic ADSL broadband to VDSL but not everyone can get it as it depends on how close you are to your local cabinet / exchange.  You can check if you can get VDSL broadband here and read more about VDSL technology here.


Fibre Broadband

The future.  Fibre broadband is the most popular broadband connection type on the Chorus network and is the best user technology with the highest user satisfaction.  It offers a dedicated and consistently reliable connection with enough capacity for anyone in the household or on the connection to do everything they want on the internet without interruption.  Can you get fibre?  If you can you really, really should.  Check if you can get fibre by adding your address here and read more about Fibre broadband technology here.


Fibrepro or ‘Gigabit’ Fibre Broadband

This is the best home broadband available on the Chorus fibre network.  It is incredible.  Not needed for everyone but for those who need it you get huge, dedicated capacity for multiple connected devices to stream, watch, listen, play, post, work, and chat all at the same time, without any loss of quality or buffering.  It is ideal for houses with lots of people using the internet at the same time.


Ready to Ask for Better Broadband?

Chorus currently offers standard residential fibre installations for FREE in areas that have fibre in the street.  You can read about the fibre broadband installation process in our guide here.  So what are you waiting for?  The technology is there and waiting to make your internet life better – so see if you can ask for better broadband now by checking your address here and comparing the options on Broadband Compare.

You can visit the Chorus Ask for Better site here to find out more about the campaign


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