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Slingshot Broadband

slingshot broadband nz

From the start, Slingshot has been challenging the telco industry and fighting to give New Zealand families better value broadband, supported by amazing service.

Slingshot NZ know that in the modern world, it is crucial to stay online, but they also know how confusing it might be to get online. They have worked hard to make Slingshot easy, affordable and hassle-free – because this guys know you have other important things to do and spend your time on than sorting your internet.

They are dedicated to making broadband simple, affordable, easy to use, and cover the needs of a modern family – whether they are intensely streaming videos, gaming all day, or just spending their time on Facebook.

Slingshot broadband is part of the Vocus Group of companies.

Slingshot Broadband offer ultrafast Fibre & Naked Broadband Plans for New Zealand. 

They have a range of different broadband plans available. Some of their broadband plans include a home phone line whilst other broadband plans are like Naked Broadband and don't have a home telephone line.

The type of broadband connection you can get depends on your address and area. They offer all types of broadband connection, Fibre, VDSL and ADSL dependant on what is available in your broadband region.


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Total: 5.9
Reliability 6.3
Speed 6.1
Support 5.4
Features 5.9
Value 5.8
Average from 205 reviews
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2019-01-10 14:18:10
Russell Patton 5.4
Phone problem reported 4 months ago after innumerable calls to Slingshot the problem remains and they keep requesting that I document 4 missed calls during a 24 hour period. Even after I complied twice, they still require a further missed call documentation every time I ring up.
The worst support I have ever encounted.
2018-12-28 17:04:54
Brad 8.4
Key for moving was speed and cost
Value for money
As noted above moved due to blue for money with speed as main driver
2018-12-24 22:17:42
Adric 1.8
Had signed a 2 years contract from Jan 2017 and had never been happy with the spend and reliability of their service. Been talking to the technical helpdesk and did not resolve issue at all. All they did was to ask me to change different channel and try it for 30 mins and still not reliable at all. Also, they have increased the price of my plan from $84.95 to $87.25, due to telecommunication levy, but $84.95 is still being offered to all new customers! They are good at getting new customers, but doing a shit job keeping existing customers happy. ...read more
Nothing good to say... Go figure.
After trying for so many months (22 months into the contract), I contacted the retention team and they initially offered me to upgrade my plan to the Giga plan so that they can offer me to get the modem at $99. After I talked to another retention staff, she managed to send me a better modem and it worked like a charm. This make me more upset as I was paying for unreliable internet for the past 22 months, due to a poor performing modem that they had supplied me. I have decided to cancel my contract and switch to a different provider, who is happy to provide me with the same modem (the better one) at no cost and I do not even have to upgrade my plan. Thank you Slingshot, but NO THANKS!!!
...read more
2018-12-19 18:57:05
Anonomous 1.0
Internet keeps cutting on an off over the last year. Got worse over the last month, to the point it cut off altogether after bad weather. Slingshot support kept booking Chorus techs on days i told them i would be at work. Finally Chorus guy arrived an told us nothing wrong with our lines, but Slingshot modem is stuffed. Some of the support is excellent, but others are crap.
Yeah right, flamin useless.
Kept on getting the run around to get them to book a Chorus Tech to come out on a day i would be at home. Had to wait 5 days to get the internet back on.
2018-12-17 15:07:41
Irwin Wallace 7.0
Am already with Slingshot (about 2 years) after getting away from Clear.net (vodafone) and have been reasonably satisfied. We have had Fibre (Enable) installed up our Lane ( 12 residences) just last week and making contact to check packages/options now that fibre is available. Have not been able to talk with anyone at Slingshot about options, so have made enquiries here.
Showing 96-100 of 205 items.
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