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Slingshot Broadband

slingshot broadband nz

From the start, Slingshot has been challenging the telco industry and fighting to give New Zealand families better value broadband, supported by amazing service.

Slingshot NZ know that in the modern world, it is crucial to stay online, but they also know how confusing it might be to get online. They have worked hard to make Slingshot easy, affordable and hassle-free – because this guys know you have other important things to do and spend your time on than sorting your internet.

They are dedicated to making broadband simple, affordable, easy to use, and cover the needs of a modern family – whether they are intensely streaming videos, gaming all day, or just spending their time on Facebook.

Slingshot broadband is part of the Vocus Group of companies.

Slingshot Broadband offer ultrafast Fibre & Naked Broadband Plans for New Zealand. 

They have a range of different broadband plans available. Some of their broadband plans include a home phone line whilst other broadband plans are like Naked Broadband and don't have a home telephone line.

The type of broadband connection you can get depends on your address and area. They offer all types of broadband connection, Fibre, VDSL and ADSL dependant on what is available in your broadband region.


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Total: 6.0
Reliability 6.4
Speed 6.2
Support 5.5
Features 6.0
Value 5.8
Average from 168 reviews
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2019-03-19 13:49:36
Julian Farmer 4.2
Keeps on dropping out all the time?
Can’t think of any
Customer service was poor every time there was a problem
2019-03-05 22:01:17
David Pierson 1.2
Slingshot went awry last year during their Fibre rollout. Tech came and put it "mostly" right. Never a good solid landline connection. This year they employed "bully boy" tactics when trying to get me to put in Fibre. Even though it was up to my landlord they kept trying to insist I go ahead without permission. In the meantime my internet has not worked at all for the last month and I still need to pay for it as I refuse to have another technician come and put on a leaky patch. I will not use Slingshot again. ...read more
Always willing to shift blame.
Bully boy tactics.
2019-03-04 11:05:56
Anya 3.0
Ive been a slingshot customer of 3 years and everything was fine until I changed plans to combined power & fibre. 4 month in and still haven't received fibre, instead being overcharged on several occasions now. Customer Service has been terrible, of course everytime its a different agent with very strong (indian) accent that is often not to understand and the left hand doesnt seem to know what the right hand is doing. Would like to change providers.
2019-02-08 21:31:30
Billy 5.4
Broadband plan and pricing were fine, however customer support was terrible, and am still awaiting a refund from bill over payment 3 months later. Would never use them again.
2019-02-06 16:00:24
Auckland User 8.8
Pretty good service from Slingshot. They were reliable and their user portal fairly informative.
Good service
Price creep adds up
Showing 51-55 of 168 items.
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