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Slingshot Broadband

slingshot broadband nz

From the start, Slingshot has been challenging the telco industry and fighting to give New Zealand families better value broadband, supported by amazing service.

Slingshot NZ know that in the modern world, it is crucial to stay online, but they also know how confusing it might be to get online. They have worked hard to make Slingshot easy, affordable and hassle-free – because this guys know you have other important things to do and spend your time on than sorting your internet.

They are dedicated to making broadband simple, affordable, easy to use, and cover the needs of a modern family – whether they are intensely streaming videos, gaming all day, or just spending their time on Facebook.

Slingshot broadband is part of the Vocus Group of companies.

Slingshot Broadband offer ultrafast Fibre & Naked Broadband Plans for New Zealand. 

They have a range of different broadband plans available. Some of their broadband plans include a home phone line whilst other broadband plans are like Naked Broadband and don't have a home telephone line.

The type of broadband connection you can get depends on your address and area. They offer all types of broadband connection, Fibre, VDSL and ADSL dependant on what is available in your broadband region.


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Total: 5.9
Reliability 6.3
Speed 6.1
Support 5.4
Features 5.9
Value 5.7
Average from 194 reviews
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2017-09-16 01:05:37
Margaret Stuart 6.2
cellphone plan for $10 per month. Service meets our needs
2017-09-14 10:11:24
Sue 6.6
can be hard to understand some technical support & call centre actisense especially when they speak really fast, and need longer opening operating hours especially for there technical support
better service packages
need longer opening hours for there technical support
2017-09-07 11:17:55
Lawrence 6.8
Very good technical support but unfriendly financial section.
Price is good and the technical support people very good.
Had a misadventure with the financial side with credits not being applied and no prior warning given. Would have changed ISP were it not for the calibre of their technical support people.
2017-08-07 01:55:25
Tomo 5.8
Slingshot routers only offer to 2.4G and not 5G - so Wifi speeds around the house are crap
They want us to upgrade to the $229 plan so we can have 5G
What a fucking joke
I have sent them an email asking them to provide the 5G capable router
Or I will cancel my subscription Request all monies payed be returned and move back to Vodafone to offer 5G

This is akin to theft and most Slingshot customers do know it

Perhaps you should/ could confirm this aspect of all providers

Should you require further information please contact me Pete
...read more
Smooth install
Speed and reliability are as expected great
No fffff........... 5g !!!!!

This technology has been available since Fred stopped pedalling his car!!

2017-07-21 03:59:57
Steve 1.2
Adsl. Worst 9months of my interweb life. Worst connection always dropping out. Slowest speed ive ever had....worst than dial-up 10years ago!! Terrible customer service, went through a 10 part series of testing for Slingshot then they said said it might cost me $240 to look at it??! Paying early disconnection fee and lowering my blood pressure.
They never increased my bill without notice like vodafone did after 6years of loyalty.
This box isnt big enough to list all the negative aspects. You suck balls slingshot. .
Showing 151-155 of 194 items.
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