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Skinny’s whole reason for being is to strip everything back, so you only pay for stuff you actually want at super low prices. It’s based on a model called common sense. Skinny broadband only does award-winning mobile and broadband, and it’s all prepay.

Skinny Mobile is a division of Spark New Zealand Trading Limited, and Skinny happily uses Spark's 4G network.

Do I need to use the Skinny router (modem)?
Yes, you do but if you sign up on their 12-month term contract plan, you will get a modem for free. If you prefer to keep things simple and stay out of contracts then you will need to buy it for $99. This router has been configured and works right out of the box with a very simple setup to make things super easy. You cannot bring your own modem to connect to them.

Is it really unlimited?
Correct, their Unlimited Broadband is a fixed-line connection (as opposed to the 4G wireless broadband), which means you can stream all the movies you want and not worry about your data. There is no data limits or caps!

Is Skinny Unlimited Broadband available everywhere?
Anyone who can get a fixed-line internet connection in New Zealand can get ADSL or VDSL plans. You can also get fibre connections in the main centres, including Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Whanganui, Christchurch, Dunedin and many others.

How fast is the connection?
After you enter your address in the address checker, we will show you the best connection type available at your property. Their base plans are the same price, no matter what type of connection you can get, and your speed will totally depend on the connection type. With standard (VDSL or ADSL) connection your maximum speed will be around 10 to 50Mbps (average throughout New Zealand). If fibre is already installed in your house or your address is fibre ready, you will be able to get speed up to 900Mbps. As soon as fibre becomes available at your street, just get in touch with them and they will look at upgrading your connection to fibre.

** NOTE: The above information has been provided by the ISP or reproduced from their website **

Total: 5.9
Reliability 5.8
Speed 5.7
Support 5.7
Features 5.2
Value 6.9
Average from 65 reviews
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2017-11-29 03:00:40
Andrew 8.2
Skinny 4G pay as you go $40 per month.
Router sits on the window sill and gives much better speeds than ADSL 2+
Huwai B315s-607 router is basic but has 4 ethernet ports and wireless n (not AC)
Upload speed is crazy faster than download speed.
Can move the router to different places - ie not tethered to phone jacks
Less messy cables and filters if running just wifi - just the power cord
Speed and consistancy of speed can stream 720p without buffering

-Need good reception - however most urban areas will be ok
-CG NAT which means you have no static IP address and DDNS will not work. Ie you cant host anything like a web page etc without a VPN to an internet server.
-Speed variable - however never drops too low ...read more
2017-11-10 23:12:50
Cammy 8.4
Reliable and cheap service
Insanely competitive with their pricing
-If your not technically minded and you have an issue, ringing them can only be achieved between working hours. Generally easy to understand when talking to them though
-Their Huawei modem they supply is rubbish
2017-11-01 05:44:40
Joseph Williams 8.4
On their unlimited fibre plan
Cheaper than every other provider and the service is impeccable on fibre
Terrible to deal with their support via email
ADSL service cut out all the time while we were waiting for fibre to be installed and they were basically no help. Worth it if your connection is reliable but don't expect them to help at all otherwise
2017-10-24 05:45:13
Grant price 5.0
Not very helpful when you finally get hold of somebody
Good prices
No good for gaming I found, they suggested I change provider
2017-10-17 08:38:31
Glenn Holmes 3.0
We recently signed up to skinny unlimited broadband.

We were told we would be connected within 5 days which was great.

We have today cancelled our contract after 12 days of bad service, terrible communication and broadband speeds which makes dial up look like fibre.

Details below:
Lack of communication with customers, irrelevant automated emails which did not update us on our connection, rather tell us something we wanted to hear which would generally be the opposite of the actual situation. Once we responded to these emails, we would receive an email saying to"please disregard the automated emails from our system"

Did not receive 1 phone call after almost 2 weeks of bad service to help the situation, instead automated, impersonal emails.

No logging of faults case in the skinny system, which meant every time we called to discuss the connection issues, we had to repeat the entire situation to a new operator each time we called.

Multiple hangups while on hold, then no call backs to continue the conversation.

Told they were "too busy to make a call back" when we asked to not be put on hold and be called back once progress had been made.

2-3 day periods of no update information, only when we called could we find out what the progress was. Often previous conversations were not logged in the system so a chorus technician would have to be re-booked.

Absolutely terrible service, no apologies or consideration after 12 days of conversation with badly trained employees.

Would welcome a phone call from skinny management to discuss how bad their service is and what they could do to provide a better service.

Come on skinny! Make the call! Oh wait... You don't do out bound calls because you are too busy right....

...read more
Showing 46-50 of 65 items.
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