Unlimited Internet Comparison

Unlimited Internet Comparison

What is unlimited internet?

Everything you do online, from streaming to playing online games to using Facebook, consumes data. Watch a show on Netflix, you have downloaded a few hundred megabytes or maybe more. Watch an HD movie, and you have jumped into gigabytes.

Some broadband plans have a cap on how much you can download each month, meaning you have to be a little cautious about what you do online. But not unlimited broadband deals - they let you stream, play and surf the web, without worrying about how much you are downloading.

Should I get unlimited broadband?

For some people - typically those who use the internet intensively, families and those who are sharing houses - unlimited broadband is their ultimate choice. If you use the web for a little bit of browsing, sending emails and checking Facebook messages, a cheaper package with a usage limit may be fine for you.

You need unlimited broadband if you:

  1. Have a big household, with everyone online
  2. Watch catch-up TV 
  3. Stream films on Netflix, NEON and so on
  4. Play video games online or download them
  5. Stream music using services such as Spotify
  6. Have an internet-connected TV box like SkyTV

If you do one or more of these, unlimited internet will be great for you. For the best experience possible, get an unlimited fibre broadband plan. In that case, you will be able to do what you want online without being limited by a monthly usage caps or slow speeds.

Compare unlimited broadband providers

Almost every provider offers unlimited internet plans, so you are not be short of choice. There are a few things to think about before you make a choice.

Not all unlimited plans are completely free from restraint – most of the providers, depending on their fair usage policy. Most of New Zealand providers have their own policies on what constitutes unlimited broadband plan and their fair usage policy, so make sure you check the small print before you sign up to a plan so you know just how unlimited it is.

Should you get an unlimited internet plan?

Most of the answers to such questions contain many “ifs” and “then”: If you are some sort of person with some specific sorts of needs, then you have to or have not to get the deal. We can simplify our advice. There really are not that many capped broadband plans to speak of in the market right now, and though they may become popular again at some point – chances are it will be really hard for you to find a deal that isn't unlimited.

Should you get an unlimited broadband plan then? Yes, we would definitely suggest to go for an unlimited option even though there are still some capped plan available. Take a quick look at who should consider unlimited internet a necessity.

Large households – Honestly, if there is more than one person in the house who is doing something broadband related, you definitely need unlimited internet. You may even need it if you live alone, if you like to stream many Netflix shows, do online gaming or heavy use Facebook and online surfing.

Heavy Gamers – If you or anyone in your household is an online gamer, you are going to need unlimited broadband. If you download your games online then unlimited broadband is crucial for you. Soon, game streaming will even be a thing with later in 2019/2020. They will stream games live over the internet the same way Netflix or NEON does. Games use an ever-increasing amount of data these days.

Streamers of shows, movies and TV – You might say that you do not use the internet all that much, do you really need unlimited? Then you might use your entire month's cap on your typical limited broadband plan by just a single use of your box set on Netflix, NEON, Amazon or wherever.

Home Based Business – When you rely on a business internet connection, the last thing you want is for it to come to a halt because you have got to your monthly cap. If you have a home-based business relies on internet connection, you will always need an unlimited plan

Everybody – do not think you do not need it. There are pretty much no situations where we would suggest a capped broadband plan over an unlimited one

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