TrueNet Broadband Performance Reports

TrueNet is an independent company dedicated to the accurate measurement and reporting of broadband performance.  A joint venture between two New Zealand experts: the open source IT experts of Catalyst IT and a company specialising in broadband reporting analysis, Jonette Consulting.

TrueNet was launched by the founders in July 2010 to fill a gap in the independence, accuracy and depth of monitoring and analysis of broadband services being offered to New Zealanders. The founders recognised that they were able to combine their skillsets to implement a highly usable and effective set of broadband tests.  These were intended to meet a regulators need to measure and influence broadband suppliers to provide a superior service, by providing consumers with usable information to demand and obtain better service.

Success for TrueNet is improving ISP performance to meet a competitive network performance challenge. 


TrueNet Mission Statement

To contribute to and accelerate the movement towards a world class Internet broadband service.


TrueNet & Broadband Compare 

TrueNet and Broadband Compare have partnered to share data and infomation to enable New Zealanders to make a fully informed choice when deciding upon a new broadband provider.  By combining their knowledge full visibility can be achieved from the pricing and published specifications of the plans provided by different internet providers through to their actual reliebility relating to speed and performance.


You can find the latest TrueNet perfromance data for the different connection types by clicking on your relevant connection type below.


TrueNet ADSL Performance Data

TrueNet VDSL Performance Data

TrueNet Fibre Broadband Performance Data


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