Broadband Speed Test

How fast is your broadband connection?

Test the speed and compare it to other connections around the world

Find out the REAL speed of your internet connection...

Are you getting what you pay for? Take a simple Broadband Speed Test and just find out!

You'll be able to see the comparative performance, quality and value of the internet broadband and mobile broadband connections from internet users in your neighbourhood and beyond!

There are a number of different tools available to compare broadband speeds in New Zealand but we have decided to recommend Speedtest.

Speedtest is the world's most popular internet speed test and they carry out over 5 million tests per day.

Speedtest offer truly global coverage with more than 3,500 servers worldwide.

Speedtest results are the most accurate and provide you with results you can count on.



How to use our Broadband Compare speed checker

Before running the test, you should use a cable to connect your laptop or computer to the router for the most accurate results. If you want to test through Wi-Fi on your phone or tablet, then put your device as close to the router as possible. Also, make sure that nothing else is connected to your broadband and no heavy apps are running on your computer or smartphone while performing the test.

What do the internet speed test results show?

The tool measures the latency (response time), of your broadband connection, as well as your download and upload speeds. The latency, measured in milliseconds, shows how fast you get a response after you have sent out a request. Connections with lower response time – are necessary for online gaming and other applications that require quick reaction.

The download speed shows the level at which data is transferred from the internet service (Netflix, YouTube etc.) to your device, while the upload speed indicates the opposite – how fast information is transferred from your computer/smartphone to the internet. Download speed usually more important, as more tasks require you to download data.

It is important to remember that the broadband test results only represent your broadband connection performance at the time of testing. To build a complete picture, we would suggest you run several tests during a couple of weeks, at a different time of the day. For example, at 8 PM – 10 PM - peak usage time and during off-peak times. The results also only show the speeds on the current device you are using for the test and not for your broadband connection in general. Your results will be lower if you are running the test on Wi-Fi at some distance from your router.


What you can do if your Internet speeds are slow 

If your speed is significantly lower than the one stated by your provider, it might be a good reason to call your internet service provider (ISP) to see what it can do. Start your dialogue by providing evidence of your internet speeds – it might be a good idea to keep a list of your speed test results to build a complete picture of your broadband connection performance.

If you are not happy with your ISP's response, follow Broadband Compare guide on how to switch your broadband provider or check our advice list on how to speed up slow broadband.

Who is the best broadband provider? 

If satisfaction level with your current broadband provider is too low, consider one of our recommended providers and plans instead. You might not only improve your speed but also save some money. To be sure, you are making a right choice read their reviews first. Also, our call centre consultants are ready to answer your questions and help you to make a choice. Give us a call 0508 226672

Broadband Speed Test


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