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Comparing broadband plans online
Oct 12, 2020
Compare Broadband Connection Types in NZ – which is best for your home?
Are you looking for a better broadband connection? Do you need ADSL, VDSL, wireless, or Fibre? This will depend on how you use the internet. Here’s our guide to making an informed choice about the best broadband plan for your home. 
Best Broadband Plans for Gamers
Sep 28, 2020
Best Broadband Plans for Gaming 2020
Are you serious about gaming? Check out our guide to NZ’s top performing broadband plans for gamers. 
Commerce Commission proposes new regulations on Fibre Broadband
Sep 16, 2020
Commerce Commission proposes new regulations on Fibre Broadband
The Commerce Commission is proposing new regulations that will government the information providers should disclose publicly, how much Chorus can charge and the quality standards it has to meet.
Fixed wireless broadband at home
Sep 16, 2020
Satisfaction with Fixed Wireless Broadband drops to 48% during lockdown
Satisfaction with fixed wireless broadband dropped to under 50% since March. How did your Wireless Broadband cope with the demands of Lockdown?
Protect home computer and online activities
Sep 2, 2020
How to protect your family's home computer network and online activities
As the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic sees more of us working from home than ever before, an online security expert warns that the trend is opening the way for more cyber-attacks. Compare the three main levels of protection to consider – anti-virus protection, internet security protection or whole home protection
NZ Compare People's Choice Award
Aug 30, 2020
Who is NZ's best broadband provider? Vote today!
Who is New Zealand's best broadband provider in 2020? Vote today and have your say about who is the best of the best in broadband.
Broadband Compare Awards
Aug 25, 2020
Even with lockdown, the 2020 Broadband Compare Awards are set to be the biggest and best yet
2020 has bought unprecedented and unexpected challenges for businesses and communities across New Zealand. One necessity for 2020 has been the need for excellence and innovation......
Online Zoom meeting from home
Aug 24, 2020
Best broadband plans for Video Conferencing
The Commerce Commission’s latest report looked at broadband video conferencing performance for free accounts for the first time. Compare performance on Google Meet, Microsoft Team, Skype and Zoom. Compare ADSL, VDSL, Fixed Wireless, Fibre 100 and Fibre Max.
Average Download Speed By Plan
Aug 24, 2020
Revealed: 10 percent drop in performance of high-speed fibre plans
The Commerce Commission’s latest report reveals a 10% drop in the peak time broadband speeds of high-speed Fibre Max plans since the last report. What’s behind the drop and what does it mean for broadband users at home?
Switch broadband providers during lockdown
Aug 18, 2020
How to switch Broadband Plans during Covid-19
A good broadband connection has never been as important as in 2020. Things can feel a bit complicated right now when it comes to switching broadband plans. We're here to help! Here's out guide on switching broadband providers during Covid-19.
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