Zeronet: The internet provider trying to help the planet!

A new broadband provider striving for change, Zeronet!
Thursday, 16 March 2023

New Zealanders are known to be a lot of things! We’re often thought of as friendly Kiwis, welcoming Kiwis, sports-crazed Kiwis, or outdoorsy Kiwis.

However, there’s one thing that we’re all proud to say above the rest… we’re tidy Kiwis!! 

We all care deeply about the beautiful environment in Aotearoa and will do anything to protect it. In recent years, this sentiment has become more vital than ever. 

Everything we do leaves a mark on the planet… even our broadband. 

So how clean and green do you actually feel? Do you feel like you’re doing enough for the planet?

If not, we’ve got the solution for you. 

Switch to Zeronet!

Worried about climate change? 

It’s been a tough few months for Kiwis across the motu. Floods and cyclones have devastated many parts of the country. 

Climate change is staring us in the face. The impacts can already be seen in a very real way, very close to home. Our way of life and the beautiful landscapes of Aotearoa that we’ve enjoyed for decades are now under major threat. 

So, we need to do something about it!

Do you want to help make a change? Do you want to be part of a new generation of consumers that makes a real difference to the future of this country?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. All you have to do is switch your broadband to a more planet conscious company. If the price and connection type is the same, WHY NOT RIGHT?!

That’s where Zeronet comes in!

Zeronet is a brand new 100% NZ-owned broadband provider that delivers Kiwis exactly what they want… fast reliable internet! 

That’s not all though. The thing that sets them apart is their massive focus on sustainability and caring for the planet that we live on! 

Zeronet proudly claims to be New Zealand’s first sustainable broadband provider. Don’t worry, we’ll break down what that means, keep reading! They’ve implemented various measures to ensure that they offset all carbon emissions created by the company. This includes planting 5 trees for every new customer that signs up! 

Zeronet was founded by Karim Hussona (Group Chairman and founder), Paul Carter (CFO and founder) and Dave Spicer (founder). These three Kiwi entrepreneurs have a wealth of experience in telecommunications and financial technology businesses. So, they’ve combined their passion and knowledge to bring Kiwis a new way to surf the internet! 

“It’s simple really: Zeronet is offering ultra fast broadband, but with the added benefit of helping the environment. Our customers will feel great while surfing the web knowing that they are doing so in a sustainable way,” says Hussona.

How is Zeronet a sustainable broadband provider?

1). They use Solar Power (a renewable energy source) to power their business electricity needs. 

2). They plant 5 trees in NZ for each new customer. This gets added to their existing forests which are already large enough to offset the carbon emissions the company creates. 

3). They encourage BYO modems, not only because it prevents you from having to pay delivery or rental costs but also because it avoids unnecessary landfill waste (as old routers are reused rather than thrown out). 

4). They are working towards being carbon zero and in the near future, being carbon positive. Until then, their aim is clear: strive for change in how we do broadband and help the planet while we’re at it!

Why does planting trees make a difference?

For every new customer that signs up, Zeronet will plant 5 trees in Aotearoa. So the minute you switch, you are already making a difference!

Why is planting trees so important, you ask?

Well, trees absorb carbon dioxide and store it within themselves so it can’t contribute to the issue of global warming. So, planting new trees will absorb any carbon emissions that Zeronet creates when delivering you broadband! 

Why do I need to choose an internet provider striving for change? 

Most Kiwis are probably not aware of how big an impact their internet usage is having on the planet. 

Electricity powers the system that delivers internet to your home. The power grid in Aotearoa produces 4 billion kilograms of greenhouse gases per year. That’s even taking into account the country’s high proportion of hydro-electric energy sources. So, when you’re surfing the web, most websites produce 2 grams of greenhouse gases per page view.  

Hussona says, “We are thrilled to be bringing sustainable internet to New Zealand. A lot of Kiwis won’t even realise they’re producing C02 when they are online, so not only are we raising awareness of the issue with the launch of Zeronet, we’re doing something tangible about it.” 

By choosing Zeronet, you’ll no longer be damaging the environment every time you surf the web! 

How can I trust what Zeronet says?

Greenwashing has become an increasing problem for consumers. Greenwashing is when companies mislead consumers by making them think the company engages in sustainable practices, when they actually don’t. 

In today’s world, it can be hard to know whether we can trust companies when it comes to sustainability. So then, how can we trust Zeronet?

Easy, Toitū. Toitū is a New Zealand envirocare organisation that Zeronet is currently using to independently audit their sustainability practices. Zeronet will publish the independent information from Toitū on their website so you can see how well the company is actually doing for sustainability.  

You’ll still get affordable broadband plans!

Now you’re likely thinking, this sustainability stuff and being clean & green about my broadband must mean the plans are much more expensive?

Wrong! Zeronet offers incredibly affordable broadband plans! All of the practices that Zeronet engages in won’t be passed onto you. So you can enjoy the same fast fibre internet you’d get with other retailers, same connection type AND price. So what’s stopping you from joining the movement to make a change without spending all of your savings?

Plans start from as little as $59.99 per month! Zeronet is even offering 50% off the first three months of your plan. So you can save your cash AND the planet!

Plus, they have a fun unofficial worm mascot!! Ziggy the earthworm symbolises everything the company is: reliable, helpful and down-to-earth. If it was up to us, we’d sign up to Zeronet for Ziggy alone! 

Ziggy digs the earth!! Keep an eye out as we think you’ll see more of him very soon. 


Head to Broadband Compare!

If you want a broadband provider who delivers you fast internet AND helps you care for the planet then switch to Zeronet!

The best way to do this is to jump on Broadband Compare! 

Broadband Compare is a comparison website where you can compare different broadband providers and plans to see which one is right for you.

You’ll be able to find Zeronet’s plans and compare them to find the one that suits you best. 

If you’d prefer to chat to a friendly human to figure out which plan is right for you, then give our  customer support team a free call on 0508 22 66 72. They’ll help you out!

Enjoy super-fast internet and saving the planet with Zeronet! 


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