Your shopping made easy with PriceMe!

Your shopping made easy with PriceMe!
Friday, 13 May 2022

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when trying to shop online? Do you get lost scrolling on different websites, hopelessly trying to find the best products and prices??

Well you don’t have to worry anymore because we’ve got the perfect solution for you… 


PriceMe is a website where you can compare all the different products that you’re looking for. Whether it’s mobile phones, appliances or health and beauty, PriceMe will help you find the best product and price for you! 

It makes your shopping experience super simple! To convince you even more, we’ve compiled together the top reasons why you should use PriceMe!

Shop with little effort! 

PriceMe is a fantastic website where you can compare any product you want to purchase! The best thing is that it requires very little effort to use. 

Shopping online can become a laborious and tiring job but not when you use PriceMe! That’s thanks to how simple the website is to use. 

All you have to do is search for the product (or type of product) you are wanting to buy, then you’ll see all the options that are available to you. You can then tick the products you’re interested in and compare them side-by-side. You can also click on a product and see how much it costs from all the different retailers across Aotearoa and internationally. 

How easy is that!

Everything you need in one place!

Sick of looking on heaps of different websites for the product you are after? Don’t want to scroll through multiple pages to find the best price? 

Well you’ll never have to do that again if you use PriceMe! 

PriceMe has all the information you need in ONE place! It features a vast range of products in any given category, ready for you to search. It features all the different prices from various retailers, reviews and product specifications. There’s even information on price trends, showing you how the price of a product has changed over time!

So gone are your days of looking at each retailer's website individually, making a spreadsheet to figure out where you can get the cheapest price or simply giving up because it’s all too stressful.

Now you have everything you could possibly need to know on one website! Just ONE website you have to go to! 

You’ll save so much time! So go enjoy a nice walk, have quality family time or just enjoy the product you want to purchase as you won’t be wasting your time looking for it!  

Read reviews to help you make your decision! 

Use PriceMe and you’ll never again be stuck trying to decide whether to buy a product or not!

That’s because PriceMe conveniently includes reviews for all products! At a glance you’ll be able to see a star rating from 1-5 on each product. So you don’t even need to read any reviews, you can look at the number of stars the product has and be confident in your purchase! 

If you’re still unsure on what to buy, you can go into the product description and you’ll find detailed written reviews about the product. There are expert reviews from trusted publications like Stuff, The Verge, CNET and many more! There’s also customer reviews, so you can check out what everyday consumers are thinking too!

So forget spending hours trying to figure out what product is right for you. Now you can read the handy reviews on PriceMe and make your decision in no time! 

Dive in deep with product specifications!

Want to know all there is about a product? Well you’re in luck because PriceMe features in-depth specifications on each product. 

Under each product is an easy to read list outlining the specific details of what the product is like. You can see things like the dimensions, special features or relevant aspects unique to your product (e.g. technology products like smart phones will list specifications like ports, battery-life, display quality, etc.) 

Being able to access this information really helps consumers make a well-informed choice. Often it can be hard to find these product details, forcing you to spend hours drawing on different resources from various websites. But PriceMe makes it simple by having all the information you need in one convenient list. You’ll save so much time and energy!

Compare products to find one that meets your needs! 

One of the best things about PriceMe is that it lets you compare products in an easy way. 

You may be thinking…why do I need to compare??

Well there are heaps of reasons why! 

To start, it’ll likely save you lots of money! PriceMe finds the best prices from all over the web and puts them all in one place for you. You can also compare different products, so you’ll be able to see which ones are cheaper or better value! 

Comparing also allows you to find the product that is best for your individual needs. Being able to directly compare different products that you’re interested in on one page will help you see which product is actually best for your needs. You won’t get sucked into confusing advertising or get tricked by wording on retailers’ websites. PriceMe presents all the information you need, plain and simple, to help you compare and pick the best product for you! 

These are just some of the top reasons why you should compare but there’s so many more! If you need even more convincing, then read this awesome article on it

While you’re out comparing the best products to buy, why not also compare your power, broadband and financial plans?? 

Use Power Compare, Broadband Compare and Money Compare to find the best plan that suits your needs. You’ll discover special benefits, joining perks and massive savings when you jump on these websites. So go on, switch to a new provider today!  

PriceMe sounds awesome! How do I get started? 

So now you can see why using PriceMe is the best way to shop! 

To get started, all you need to do is jump on the website and search up the product you’re after or browse through the categories to find what you’re looking for. Then get to comparing! 

It’s that easy!! 

Pro-tip: If you want even more savings, then either scroll to the bottom of the PriceMe homepage or visit to access a huge range of voucher codes to save on various New Zealand retailers!

So there you have it. Jump onto PriceMe now to discover the best deals, find in-depth information and reviews on products and so much more!

Happy shopping! 

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