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Will fibre support my old alarm/medical system

Will fibre support my old alarm/medical system
Sunday, November 26, 2017

Finally, you’ve decided to switch to ultrafast fibre broadband. With the great deals at Broadband Compare for as low as $60/month for fibre plans, it’s impossible to resist.


However, one important question arose: “Will my home/medical alarm work when the copper line is replaced with fibre optic cable?” There are a couple of options to consider:


  1. Keep the copper line alongside fibre


You have a choice to leave the copper in place. We recommend to let the fibre laying company know that you have a monitored alarm on the first contact. Don’t forget to mention that you plan on using your copper line because it will most likely be automatically removed if not requested otherwise. Just keep in mind that keeping two lines means maintaining two monthly plan charges. It might be easier to...


  1. Upgrade your old alarm system


Make sure to also contact your alarm provider as soon as you arrange your fibre installation to check if your current alarm is compatible with fibre. If your alarm is quite recent, it will probably be digital compatible. However, the older alarms might need additional modules to be installed. Prices may vary, so we advise to make an inquiry and get your alarm ready for digital before fibre is installed to avoid downtime.


  1. Switch to smart home digital system


There is a range of digital alarm systems currently available on the market, which offer video monitoring, alarms, as well as the alert notifications to your phone. As for the medical alarm, investing in digital solutions, such as smart watches or wearables might be even more reliable, especially when leaving the house. Digital alarm systems offer great flexibility, security & peace of mind. The price might also be more affordable than other alternatives.


All in all, there are plenty of alarm options available when switching to fibre. Just don’t forget that new alarm systems won’t operate if the power goes off, unlike the old copper connection. It’s easy to set up a battery backup to stay connected in case of power outages, though.


The choice is yours, but please make sure to sort it out beforehand.

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