Why you should switch to fibre broadband NOW

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


So... you've heard about this Ultrafast Fibre Broadband (UFB) network in New Zealand, right?  The one that will make your life better?  You have.  Excellent.  So why aren't you connected to it?!

The internet is becoming more and more a part of our lives and the 'internet of things' means that you can improve your life in NZ with a fibre broadband connection.  It's strange for us at broadband compare to see so many Kiwis ignoring the benefits of changing their broadband connection to be a fibre broadband connection.  If you can have something better for the same price (or in some cases cheaper) then why would you not switch?  It really is puzzling that when people can get faster internet access at the same price or cheaper... in many cases they are choosing to ignore it.

No-one likes change.  but change is GOOD.  If you have fibre broadband in your street you could be surfing the internet at speeds about TEN times faster than what you currently do... A HUNDRED times faster of you are lucky enough to live in Gigatown (Dunedin).  So why haven't you switched to fibre broadband yet?  The government and the associated companies and contractors have been working away for a good few years now across New Zealand installing the ultra fast fibre broadband network throughout New Zealand but it seems that us Kiwis have been a little bit reluctant to sign-up. 

Well maybe the following information will change your mind about getting fibre broadband installed at your property as quickly as possible.  Fibre broadband sign-up rates have increased 135 per cent over the past year, and now more than 162,000 homes are enjoying the internet at ultra fast broadband speeds.  That's great, but when you dig into it that means that only 20 per cent of people who have fibre in their street have connected to their house and switched to it.  Here at broadband compare we think that is a pretty low figure.

Well here are some facts that you NEED to know.  A normal ADSL broadband plan with unlimited broadband data costs between $59 and $99 a month.  For that, you get a maximum download speed of about 10Mbs.  Well here's the kicker.  A fibre broadband plan with the same unlimited broadband data costs ABOUT THE SAME?!!?  But you get download speeds of 100Mbs or if you live in Dunedin, you can get the same deal but get 1000Mbs download speeds - immense!

Broadband speed doesn't float your boat?  It should.  Once you have tried fibre broadband you won't believe how you used to surf the internet.  Everything is pretty much instantaneous, you turn on Netflix it's there, you stream some radio... no buffering.  Skype calls?  People no longer sound occasionally like daleks! 

Let's say none of those things matters to you.  Well, what about cash?  Cold hard cash.  If saving money is your motivator, then you should compare broadband plans now and switch your broadband supplier right away.  The cost of connecting your house or apartment with fibre broadband from the street to your home is currently subsidised by a fund, meaning that in most cases fibre broadband installation is free of charge.  BUT.  That fund has a limited amount of money and so with fibre broadband uptake increasing you can expect to start seeing some fibre broadband connection fees coming in to play. 

So if you are lucky enough to have fibre broadband in your road, street or apartment complex then we strongly recommend that you compare fibre broadband plans now and make the move.  Use Broadband Compare to compare broadband plans for free.  Pick your preferred broadband plan and sign up online to get fibre installed for free (before the installation fund runs out) and you might even pick up one of our best broadband deals that might include free gear, a welcome bonus or even half price broadband for the first few months.  Compare broadband plans NOW!


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