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Ultra-fast fibre broadband rollout has started in Wairoa

Ultra-fast fibre broadband rollout has started in Wairoa
Sunday, February 25, 2018

Smaller cities around New Zealand don't always get the same level of connectivity and broadband speeds as Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. However, for 2100 lucky households and businesses in Wairoa, this will soon be changed. Last week, Chorus has started to work on the Ultra-fast broadband rollout there, promising to fully cover the area by early 2019.

The general manager of infrastructure at Chorus, Ed Beattie, highlighted the fact the process of integrating the "world-class connectivity" to Wairoa has started successfully. This first step will go a long way in a quality broadband consumption for generations to come in Wairoa. The high-speed broadband connection is also becoming crucial for businesses to operate properly in the age of technology and innovation.

It's impressive that Wairoa is getting connected to fibre as fast as other major cities in the area, such as Gisborne and Napier. There is a great number of benefits of switching to Fibre, which we covered in-depth in this article at Broadband Compare. With more people getting to know about the benefits of fibre, demand has started to increase substantially.

Although fibre has only started to roll-out and will take awhile once it arrives, there are still plenty of option for people in Wairoa at the moment. A slightly less fast connection, VDSL is readily available in the area. 

In the meantime, fast broadband is already available in many parts of Wairoa via VDSL on our copper network. You can always check if VDSL is available for your address in Wairoa at

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