Top 3 benefits of using price comparison websites to choose a new broadband provider

Top benefits of comparison shopping
Monday, January 14, 2019

Although price comparison websites are relatively new, they are quickly being adopted by New Zealanders as they realise the benefits of comparison shopping. Price comparison websites like Broadband Compare can easily help you compare the options to help you choose the best broadband plan for you. Even better, we can help you save money.

NZ Compare websites can help you compare broadband providerspower providerstravel and financial services to help you make more informed decisions. NZ Compare are becoming a growing phenomenon in NZ as Kiwis realise the benefits of price comparison sites. Over 900,000 kiwis used NZ Compare websites to compare services and products in 2018.


It is very simple  - rather than visiting or contacting each individual provider, you can easily compare the options side by side in one place before choosing a plan. 

As kiwis adopt online shopping in larger numbers, the popularity of NZ Compare sites like Broadband Compare is increasing phenomenally. This greatly increases our ability to negotiate exclusive deals and savings on behalf of our customers. Our services are completely free to use, and there is no obligation to switch service providers. 

How do Broadband comparison websites work?

If you’ve never used a price comparison site before, you may be thinking what’s the catch? We work with service providers across New Zealand to collect together pricing and information about their services and plans. This allows you to easily compare all the options together in one place, to choose the plan that works best for you. Saving you the time and hassle of contacting each provider individually to choose a new plan. 

Whether you are looking for unlimited datano contract internet planswireless internet plansultrafast broadband plansVDSL internet plans or ADSL internet plans we can help!

We also work with NZ’s top internet providers to negotiate exclusive deals and offers available only to NZ Compare customers, allowing you to save even more!

1. Broadband Compare saves you money

The main reason people use price comparison websites is that they allow you to find the best deal by checking hundreds of quotes from different providers. 

New Zealand’s broadband landscape is growing more quickly than ever – there may be a newer broadband provider offering a more specialised plan that offer the perfect service for you at a lower price. 

When comparing broadband plans you can easily  compare different features side by side – for example contract length, data caps, speed, connection type, customer feedback rating. This allows you to choose the best plan for you, and to avoid paying for services you don’t really need.  This can add up to big savings when choosing a new broadband plan. 

We also negotiate exclusive deals and offers for our customers – including free months, low introductory rates, free router rental,  so you can save even more!

2. Broadband Compare saves time

Finding the best priced option can be very time consuming. Visiting each provider website, phoning customer support with questions, and trying to find the right information to compare like with like can be incredibly time consuming.  Broadband Compare gathers all the information together in one place – so you can easily compare the options in one place. Simply enter your address into the address checker, and start comparing plans available at your address.

You can also view hundreds of customer reviews from other Broadband Compare customers to help you choose a great plan from a great broadband provider.

3. Broadband Compare offers you choices

Another great benefit of price comparison websites if that you can access hundreds of different providers in one place. New Zealand's broadband market is rapidly changing, there may be a newer or lesser known provider offering a great deal or service that’s perfect for you. Comparison sites have larger and smaller providers together in one place, allowing you to make an informed decision. 

What are you waiting for? Compare the options and save!

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