Stuff Fibre – Latest news & reviews

Stuff Fibre – Latest news & reviews
Monday, February 13, 2017


Stuff Fibre is one of the newest fibre broadband providers in NZ.  They launched only a few months back in September 2016 and have been quick to establish themselves as one of the strongest offerings amongst the New Zealand Internet Providers.  

The basic Stuff Fibre premise is all about simplicity.  Stuff Fibre costs $89.50 a month for an Ultra Fast Broadband service with a 100 megabit per second download speed and 20Mbps upload speed.  This also includes a free modem and free broadband installation.  However if you sign up to Stuff Fibre by using Broadband Compare you will save on your first 3 months with our great Stuff Fibre deal – read on for the details.

Stuff Fibre Customers can boost their connection to the fastest available in their area – up to a maximum of 1 Gbit where that is available – for an additional flat monthly fee of $25.

As a less established Internet Provider Stuff Fibre customer service needed to be up to scratch and respond quickly and well to broadband customer enquiries.  We’ve had some very good feedback on the Stuff Fibre signup and installation process and have no hesitation in recommending theoir product if you are looking for a fibre broadband plan.


Stuff Fibre Promo Code and Stuff Fibre Discount

Here at Broadband Compare we have a fantastic promotional offer from Stuff Fibre that will save you cold hard cash on your first 3 months as a Stuff Fibre customer.  There is no Stuff Fibre Promo code needed but you do need to leave your details with Broadband Compare to qualify and validate your Stuff Fibre discount promotion. Click through here for all the details of this awesome Stuff Fibre Broadband Deal.


Stuff Fibre Reviews – Broadband Reviews NZ

If you are already a Stuff Fibre broadband customer we would love you to leave a Stuff Fibre Broadband Review.  It takes just 60 seconds to leave a broadband review on Broadband Compare.  Just click here and leave your details and thoughts on Stuff Fibre and the service they offer.

If you are considering switching to fibre broadband and are considering signing up with Stuff Fibre you can compare Stuff Fibre broadband plans by clicking here and check out the Stuff Fibre reviews here.


Stuff Fibre Student broadband

Although not technically offering any Stuff Fibre student broadband plans because their core broadband offering is a monthly pre pay broadband service the Stuff Fibre broadband offering is very effective for students. Click here to check out our Stuff Fibre offer for 25% off your first 3 months.



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