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Spotlight: Stuff Fibre

Spotlight on Stuff Fibre
Saturday, October 6, 2018

Welcome to Stuff Fibre – the latest broadband provider in our Spotlight Series! Our Spotlight Series helps you learn about all the best broadband providers and best broadband deals in New Zealand, so you can find the best deal on internet in one place. 

Stuff Fibre believe that Kiwis deserve a better, simpler internet experience. So they choose to create the best internet experience for customers by doing one thing really well – fibre.  Fibre is the best option for a great gaming, viewing and browsing experience. 

Broadband Compare customers love Stuff Fibre because it frees them from the limits of capped plans, fixed-term contracts and slow internet services. Plus Stuff Fibre really know their stuff they won the Best Fibre Broadband Provider category at the 2017 Broadband Compare Awards. 

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Why choose Stuff Fibre?

Stuff Fibre offers Unlimited data and ultra-fast fibre

Stuff Fibre plans offer unlimited data. With the average Kiwi home consuming well of 150Gb of data a month there’s little point in even considering a capped data plan. 

Stuff Fibre is Ultrafast

Stuff Fibre offers ultra-fast speeds of 100Mps as standard. That’s 10-20 times faster than regular broadband – the equivalent of streaming 20HD movies all at the same time! Add on a Boost anytime you need it for super high speed requirements. 

Get a boost when you need it

Is your home hungry for internet? Perhaps you’ll be working from home, or you’re expecting house guests over Christmas who will be using multiple devices, and multiple users streaming and gaming at the same time. Stuff Fibre offer a boost add-on just for you. Stuff Fibre Boost gives you the best possible speed up to 700-900 Mbps in most areas!

No fixed-term contracts

Want to try Stuff Fibre for yourself? No need to commit to a fixed-term contract. This means you can choose what you want and for how long you get it. 

You won’t be locked into a fixed-term contract and you can turn extra services like Boost, or Voice App on and off on when you need them. Manage everything easily through your MyStuff dashboard. 

Get free blockbuster movies at home 

Sign-up to Stuff Fibre and receive a movies credit each month for Stuff Pix. Sit back, relax and stream the latest blockbuster movies at home, all on Stuff Fibre. 

Keep it safe for the family with Safezone

Safezone helps manage the online experience for your family – filtering out adult content, social media or anything undesirable or inappropriate.  Stuff Fibre offer a range of pre-configured settings that you can customise for your family. As with everything, Stuff Fibre keep it simple – you don’t need to install anything, you can turn filters on and off from anywhere, and it protects your entire home. 

Keep your landline

Take your landline online with the Stuff Fibre Voice App. If you still use your home landline you can choose to add the app to your Stuff Fibre service. Keep your landline number, and make unlimited calls nationwide. Even better, as your number is part of an app you can take your landline with you when you are out an about, so as long as you’re connected to the internet you never need to miss a call again. 

Great Customer Service 

As with everything else in their service – they keep things simple with a locally based customer service team. If you want to talk to their customer service they will call you back when it suits you. Choose to get help the way you want it – on the phone, through live chat, facebook, twitter or google. 


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