Orcon launch Business Broadband

Orcon launch business broadband
Friday, October 11, 2019

If you run a new or established small business, you are likely very aware of how vital a reliable cost-effective broadband connection is. Your broadband connects you to the wider market and is an essential tool to grow – allowing you to keep in touch with customers, make sales, take order, run social media, promote your business, research competitors and much much more.

At Broadband Compare we are all about helping you make an informed choice about which broadband plan is best for your business.

Orcon launch Business Broadband

Orcon’s business broadband is an exciting development when it comes to broadband plans for small or fledgling business.

Orcon Business Broadband is a new broadband plan for Kiwi small businesses featuring a game-changing difference: 4G Backup. Using a SIM card built into your modem, 4G Backup kicks in automatically if your broadband goes down to keep your business humming

The new service appears to recognise a key challenge that small businesses face. Your broadband connection is essential to your business, you may not have the budget for full scale IT support if you have issues – the new service provides a reliable back up if there are any interruptions to your connection.

That’s why Orcon have introduce 4G Backup with all Orcon Business Plans.

What is 4G Backup?

4G Backup is mobile broadband connection that is built into your Orcon modem. This mobile connection will automatically kick in if your primary broadband service drops, providing a back-up 4G connection. This is incredibly handy if you rely on EFTPOS to keep your business going.

Key Benefits or Orcon Business Broadband Plans

  1. 4G Back up – All Orcon Business Broadband plans include 4G Back Up
  2. Unlimited broadband plans - Orcon offer a variety of business broadband plans to suit your data needs. All their business broadband plans are unlimited. They offer ADSL and VDSL connection if you can’t get fibre, or you can choose Fibre 100, or a super-fast Gigantic Fibre broadband plan.
  3. Orcon Business Landlines - All Orcon Business Broadband plans come with a landline and smart features like caller ID, voicemail, and call waiting.
  4. Orcon Business Power – make life easier by business your Business Power with your Orcon Business Broadband Plan. Orcon offer competitive rates when you bundle your power and broadband, plus joining credit to welcome you aboard. 
  5. Orcon Business Mobile - add business mobile to your plan with unlimited calls and texting across New Zealand and Australia with generous data caps (6 – 30GB depending on your plan). Plus you get monthly discounts for each new mobile plan you take out.
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