How does NZ rank in Digital Quality of life?

How does NZ rank in Digital Quality of life?
Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Surfshark’s research department recently revealed the results of their first-ever global study of the Digital Quality of Life (DQL). The study as carried out in 65 countries, covering a population of over 5.5 billion people.

What is Digital Quality of Life?

We are living in an increasingly hyperconnected world – with over half the world’s population using the internet and socialising in the digital sphere. People’s lives can be profoundly affected by their digital well-being.

The Digital Quality of Life survey is a way to measure, critically assess and compare people’s digital lives.

The 65 countries in the study were ranked according to their performance in these criteria:

  • the speed of internet connectivity
  • internet affordability
  • cybersecurity of a country
  • the availability of data protection laws
  • e-government services availability
  • global content access

NZ ranking in digital quality of life

How does New Zealand rank in Digital Quality of Life?

New Zealand was ranked #20 for Digital Quality of Life, while Australia, France and Singapore took the top three ranks respectively.  So – while New Zealand in performed well on some aspects of the study, there is plenty of room for improvement. 

New Zealand had a top tier ranking for content availability and data protection laws. They performed well coming on at #12 for e-government services and #17 for broadband speed. Our performance for Digital Quality of Life was lower for cybersecurity (#33), mobile affordability (#34) and our lowest ranking was for Broadband affordability (#44)

Are we paying too much for our broadband and mobile data in New Zealand?

The report examined internet affordability and found that the highest-priced broadband packages are found in Qatar ($54.93), New Zealand ($42.35), Iceland ($39.52), and Ireland ($37.55).

The data showed that the global median of the broadband price is $15.09 (not including the installation costs). New Zealand came second when looking at countries with the highest broadband prices - at $42.35, behind Qatar whose broadband was $54.93.

Countries with the highest broadband prices

New Zealand also ranked tenth when looking at countries with the highest mobile internet prices. In the study, New Zealanders were paying a median price of $1.91 for 1GB of data, compared to the global media of $0.51. However, this was comfortably behind the most expensive country, Canada, where users pay a whopping $8.30 for 1GB of data!

Countries with the highest mobile internet prices

In comparison, Australia sits in the bottom 10 when looking at mobile internet prices – users pay a median price of just $0.11 for 1GB of mobile data. They come top when looking at home many second of work is required per 1GB of mobile internet - as one needs to work just 21 seconds to afford the cheapest 1GB mobile data package. This is mostly influenced by the country’s high average monthly salary and comparatively inexpensive mobile data.

How do we compare to Australia for Digital Quality of Life?

Australia were ranked #1 for Digital quality of life. Their high score (0.7992 index value) was mainly determined by a very high affordability of mobile internet, comparatively high mobile internet speeds, and a solid level of cybersecurity in the country.

However, the score could have been higher if not for Australia’s underdeveloped broadband infrastructure, which ranked the country in the lower end of corresponding indicators of broadband speed and affordability.

How is your Digital Quality of Life?

How is your Digital Quality of Life? This study is a great reminder surprising effect that digital connectivity can have on our wellbeing in our day-to-day lives. We need to feel confident that we can get the connectivity we want, when we want it, and at a reasonable price. In New Zealand we need to be particularly vigilant about how much we pay for our broadband and mobile data.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your broadband plan, take a moment to compare broadband plans to make an informed choice about your digital quality of life.


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