Moving house soon? Here’s how to choose a new broadband plan for your new home

How to choose a new broadband plan for your new home
Monday, January 18, 2021

If you’re moving house soon you’re probably feeling excited, overwhelmed and pretty stressed! Moving house can be an incredibly stressful time. There’s packing, cleaning, decluttering, updating your address, transferring services…and the list goes on!

The best broadband plan for you isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. So, this is great time to compare the options and choose the best broadband plan for your new home. At Broadband Compare we’re here to help you make an informed decision for your family. We can help you quickly compare the options and make an informed choice about the best broadband plan for your new address.

How to choose a broadband plan for your new home

1. Check your new address

Your best broadband plan will depend on what is available at your new address and whether Fibre, VDSL or ADSL is available. Or, whether you need to look at wireless or satellite options. Simply enter your new address into our address checker to begin comparing broadband plans available at your new address.

2. Are you renting or do you own your home?

If you own your own home, you will have more flexibility to choose a connection type that suits you, as long as it’s available at your address.

However, if you are renting you may have less choice. You may not be able to get consent to install fibre, or you may live in an apartment building where only one type of broadband is available in the building (eg: ADSL). Fortunately, recent changes to the Residential Tenancies Act mean that Tenants can request to install fibre broadband, and landlords must agree if it can be installed at no cost to them, unless specific exemptions apply.  

3. Choose your connection type

These are the main options you may have at your new home. If Fibre broadband is available at your address it will probably be the best option for you, followed by VDSL broadband then a wireless or ADSL connection.  

Fibre broadband:

Is delivered through a dedicated fibre network. It offers a constant high-speed connection, and the service won’t fluctuate like traditional copper broadband connection. Fibre or Gigabit Fibre plans will comfortably support the needs of most family homes. They are great a great option for homes with multiple people using the internet at the same time – for example streaming, gaming and downloading content. If it’s available at your new address, we think it’s the best option to go with.

VDSL broadband:

Is delivered through the copper phone line network. It provides a faster and more reliable internet experience than an ADSL connection. An ADSL connection should be able to deliver Ultra High Definition video streaming, video calls with apps like Skype or Zoom, and uploading large files. It is the best connection option if fibre broadband is not available at your address.

ADSL broadband:

Is delivered through the copper phone line network. ADSL will allow you to do every day browsing, read emails, and stream shows On Demand, through Netflix or Youtube with some buffering during peak times of the day.


Connects your home to the internet through the country’s 4G or 5G mobile network. The quality of your Wireless connection will depend on how close you are to the local Tower and how many people in your area are using the network. If you have a good wireless connection, your connection quality can rival a VDSL or ADSL connection.  It can be a good option in areas that don’t have good copper or fibre broadband service, for example in remote areas, or if you are flatting and don’t have consent to install broadband.

Satellite Broadband

Satellite internet relies on a physical dish mounted to your roof to connect you to the internet via satellite signals, so there is more set up involved than wireless broadband. But it is much more widely available – pretty much anywhere you can see the sky.

4. Factors to consider when choosing a new broadband plan

Customer reviews

Broadband Compare has thousands of customer reviews, giving you peace of mind when choosing a new provider.


Comparing price can feel complicated when choosing broadband. Do you choose a plan that offers 3 or 6 months free, and then pay a higher rate for the rest of the contract? It can be useful to work out the cost you would pay per month for the full term to work out which deal offers the best value – which our comparison tool does for you!

Contact options

The contract is the length of the contract you will be locked-in for, if you want to cancel your contract early you usually have to pay a cancellation fee. Broadband contracts are typically open term (no contracts), 12 month, or 24 months. A 12 month contract is considered as “standard” in New Zealand, but there are some options with two or three years terms, they allow you to lock-in an agreed monthly rate for the full term. If you don’t want to commit for that amount of time, you can also choose a ‘no contract’ plan, which usually runs from month-to-month.

Bundled broadband and power

Bundling your power and broadband is becoming increasingly popular. You can often receive a discounted rate compared to if you pay for each service separately. Plus you have the streamlined convenience of just one billing cycle, and once customer contact point for both services.

Perks and add-ons

When comparing broadband plans keep an eye out for the perks or add-ons that are important for you. Do you want a plan that includes free months, joining credit, a free router, a free wifi extender, free mobile plan, or free access to streaming platforms?

Compare broadband plans

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