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Fibre Broadband hits Kaiapoi

Fibre Broadband hits Kaiapoi
Monday, November 27, 2017

The Fibre broadband provider Enable has today announced that it has completed its fibre broadband network roll-out to another North Canterbury town, with Kaiapoi now the latest fully-fibred town in New Zealand... so if you want to find a fibre broadband plan in Kaiapoi you can now check out all the options on Broadband Compare.

With the fibre broadband news, there are now over 4,000 Kaiapoi homes, businesses, schools and community organisations can now connect to Enable’s world-class fibre broadband and use it to embrace digital opportunities. This announcement comes on the back of Rangiora becoming fully-fibred in September and many local families and businesses switching to fibre broadband since.

Enable has connected 650 customers to fibre broadband across Rangiora in the last eight weeks - that’s 15 per day - and Enable has over 350 more orders that it is working to connect.

"To see 1,000 local families and businesses embrace the potential of fibre broadband in such a short time in Rangiora is very exciting. We now have over 2,500 customers connected across the town," said Enable Chief Executive, Steve Fuller.

"We know there will be a similar response from the people of Kaiapoi over the coming months."

The Rangiora and Kaiapoi communities have now joined the likes of Rolleston and Lincoln in being able to embrace the transformational potential of world-class fibre connectivity within their towns.

"New Zealand is becoming unique in the world in that people can now elect to live in a smaller community and know that they can rely on an ultra-fast, super reliable fibre broadband connection to learn, connect with friends and families, be entertained or grow businesses," said Mr Fuller.

Across Enable’s entire network - which includes over 80 percent of Christchurch - there are now over 60,000 homes and businesses connected to Enable fibre broadband, an increase of 10,000 since 1 July. 100 new customers are connecting each day - well above Enable’s expectations.

"Our overall greater Christchurch community continues to embrace fibre broadband at a tremendous rate, but we have the connection capability today to help even more families and businesses make the switch to fibre broadband and get more out of life with a high performing and reliable broadband service which is always on," added Mr Fuller.

"We urge our community to contact their broadband provider now and demand Enable fibre broadband."

So if you are one of those people looking at Fibre broadband then please compare now at Broadband Compare - we've got the best broadband bdeals in New Zealand.

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