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How does Broadband Compare make money?

Friday, July 1, 2016

Broadband Compare receives advertising fees and commissions from a number of the providers that appear on the site.  This does not increase the cost of any packages that you might subscribe to via a recommendation from our site and we do not charge you for using the broadband comparison tool on our website.

We feature as many New Zealand broadband providers as possible to ensure that Broadband Compare offers the most comprehensive broadband comparison tool in New Zealand. We seek to ensure absolute accuracy of the provider's listing details, regardless of whether they pay us a referral fee or commission for introducing them new customers.  It is very important to note that our commercial arrangements have absolutely no impact on how we list the providers or broadband plans that appear in your results so please be confident of our impartiality.

Our comparison tool lets you compare broadband plans offered by New Zealand broadband providers.  You can see all the costs, data limits and published speeds so you can make sure you are choosing a deal that is right for you.  Our results are automatically listed by the Broadband Compare rating, but if you have a preference to simply find the cheapest broadband plan available you can select to rank the results by monthly cost. 

Some of our 'Featured deals' listed on the site contain plans selected by Broadband Compare. These plans are generally from broadband providers who have partnered with us and pay a commission for referring them new customers.  The complete, wider list of packages, sorted solely according to your chosen criteria can be displayed when you can enter your address in the relevant input field and query our broadband plan database.  

At Broadband Compare we are dedicated to providing New Zealand with informative, impartial recommendations that offers true value to our customers.



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