Email Providers NZ

Email Providers NZ
Monday, September 11, 2017

Email Providers NZ. As more and more internet providers start seeing problems with their webmail services (Spark webmail recently changed amid big publicity) or even make the decision to stop offering webmail solutions (Vodafone email to close in November 2017) it is important to understand your options when it comes to a free webmail service.

There are still a number of NZ internet providers who do offer email accounts with their broadband services but here at Broadband Compare, we think that is a short-sighted solution and it restricts you from moving provider and getting the best broadband plan for your particular needs at the best price.

At Broadband Compare we always encourage people to go with one of the big three webmail providers.  All these options offer a range of different features and they are all popular options.

The top three webmail services are Gmail from Google, Yahoo! Mail from Yahoo! and from Microsoft.  They are all very popular options and all three will provide all you need from a free web-based email address that is not tied to any particular internet service provider.

The popularity of these three webmail services has grown throughout the last decade and they all offer great features and fantastic usability.


What is a Webmail email address?

Webmail, or web-based email, is an email account service that is accessed through an internet browser like Chrome, Microsoft Edge (formally Internet Explorer) or Mozilla Firefox.  Most users will simply refer to their webmail as their email account but there is a slight difference versus an email account that operates through an email server like many people will have at work for example.


What Are The Benefits Of a Webmail email address?

One of the biggest advantages of a webmail address from one of the big three companies we have named here is that you can access your inbox from any Internet-connected computer (or mobile device with Internet access) anywhere in the world.  You’re not restricted to checking your messages only from your own desktop or laptop computer and you can easily check your emails using the web browser on your mobile.

Another major benefit of using webmail is that you can also choose to access your emails via a computer-based email ‘client’ – a piece of kit like Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird.  This means that you will still have the same features and all the contents of your mailbox can be displayed in multiple places and on multiple devices.

The final, HUGE benefit of Webmail from a third party like Google, Microsoft or Yahoo! is that you are not tied in with any particular internet provider.  You can use the same email address for life on any internet provider so you won’t get burnt if your NZ internet provider stops your email service!


The most popular Webmail services and how to sign up.

There are now literally hundreds and thousands of webmail services available across the globe but you are probably best served by going with one of the big guys who are very unlikely to stop the service or charge in the future.  These offerings are - Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail.  They consistently remain the most popular and commonly used internationally and in New Zealand.


How to get a free Gmail email account

Currently the most popular free webmail service on the planet.  Gmail is the webmail service created and managed by Google.  The service is free, consistently fast and offers huge amounts of storage so you can keep a lot in your inbox!

Sign up for a free Gmail email address here.


How to get a free Outlook (Microsoft / Hotmail) email account

Widely accepted as providing better privacy features than Gmail, the free webmail address from also offers practically unlimited storage.  One big advantage is that Microsoft Office comes fully integrated in allowing you to easily create or view MS Office files.

Sign up for a free email address here.


How to get a free Yahoo Mail email account

Yahoo Mail is the final one of the top three webmail services.  Yahoo provide plenty of storage and like the other two they support both IMAP and POP.  Yahoo Mail runs quickly, is reliable and offers an easy to use interface.

Sign up for a free Yahoo! email address here.


In conclusion, you really should make your next email address a free Webmail address from one of these big three.  It will give you masses of storage and allow you to move internet provider and access your webmail quickly and easily… one last tip though, as this is likely the last email address you will ever need, make it a good one… you might not want to be Miss_Unicorn_69 forever! 

Got questions?  We can help – just get in touch here.


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